What does it mean to "Declare"?  Declaring means indicating whether or not you will be swimming in the meet.

Who has to declare?  Declaring for Meets is required for all swimmers for every meet.

When should I declare for my swimmer?  Declaring must be completed by the Friday evening (midnight) prior to the Monday meet. The midnight deadline is a system set deadline and cannot be extended. If your child is not declared, they cannot swim in the meet


Here’s how to declare:

  1. Double click on the Swim Meets tab on the homepage of this website ( will redirect you to the team unify page, you must be logged in).  
  2. Choose “Edit Commitment”
  3. Double click your child’s name (underlined)
  4. Choose either YES or NO under the “Sign Up Record” box to indicate if that child will/will not attend that meet.
  5. Click the “Day1/Session1” box if it is there
  6. Do NOT select races. The coaches will do that!
  7. Click the Save Changes button in lower right corner to complete the declaration.  Make sure it says that they are either 'committed' or 'declined 'after their name.
  8. Now, do that for each child for each meet. That way, you won't have to do it each week. 

****Each swimmer must be declared as attending/not attending every meet by midnight on the Friday before the meet in order to be included in the lineup. Our league agreed that this will be a firm deadline, and swimmers will not be permitted to swim if they are not committed 3 days prior to the meet (Friday night). ****