Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Are the Brentwood Gators?

The Brentwood Gators swim team is a competitive, summer swim team for members of the Brentwood Swim Club,  We swim in the River City Racers swim league against other summer teams.  The team is professionally coached with the goals of teaching the four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breastroke and butterfly), personal improvement, physical fitness and fun!   The season runs from the end of May through the middle of July.  Practices are held every weekday by age group.  Everyone is welcome on our team regardless of experience or skill level.  For more information please Contact Us.


Can anyone join the Brentwood Gators swim team?

Yes, but you must also join the Brentwood Swim Club to swim on the team.  Swimmers must be able to swim to swim the length of the pool to join the team.  

What does it cost to join the team?

$175 per swimmer for the season

How often does the team practice?

Practices are held Monday through Friday at the Brentwood Swim Club from late May through mid July.  See practice times tab for the latest information  

How many meets are there?  When are they held?

We have 7 meets each season; the Gator Meet (team time trials), 5 dual meets and the conference meet.  Dual meets are held on Monday evenings usually at 5:30 p.m.  The Gator meet is held the Monday prior to the first dual meet.  The conference meet is held on Friday and/or Saturday in mid-July and marks the end of the season.

Do swimmers have to swim in meets? 

We encourage everyone to swim in meets.  Training and practices are much more meaningful to the swimmers when they can see their improvements in meets.  Team fees are the same and volunteer requirements must still be met if swimmers do not choose to swim meets.

What are volunteer requirements?

Swim meets are staffed by volunteers from the swim team families.  Volunteer participation is essential to running successful meets.  Each registered family is expected to work three (3) shifts during the regular season and one (1) during conference.  (Failure to meet volunteer requirements is a $250 fine.)

How can I join the Brentwood Gators swim team?

Sign up on this website!  You can pay your swim team fees with a credit or debit card and you will be automatically added to our Email notification list for practices, meets, parties, etc.

How can I join the Brentwood Swim and Tennis Club?

You can submit an application at the Brentwood Swim Club, and the membership director will contact you to explain the process.  Currently there is a waiting list.