The volunteer job sign up will be open on May 30st, 2023 at 7am after all meets are put into the computer system. We are waiting on the away meet invite.

We have ONE AWAY meet and 5 HOME Meets including the Gator meet. 

Note about volunteering:  Occasionally Parent Reps have to ask parents to do a different job than they signed up for in order for the meet to run smoothly.  We are grateful for your understanding when this unfortunately occurs.  Your flexibility and kindness makes the swim meet experience a positive one for all the kids on the team.

Expectations: Three volunteer shifts per family, only one of which may be at the initial Gator Meet. Additionally, if attending conference, you are expected to volunteer this day as well. 

 To sign up for a volunteer job:

  • Double Click on the "Swim Meets" tab on this website
  • Select the meet you are volunteering for. You can sign up for all your volunteer shifts for the whole season as soon as your child is registered and the meets have been input into our system.
  • Select the job you'd like.   You can see the job descriptions under the "Volunteering" tab of this website.  Most jobs are done at the meet, but a few require you to be at the meet extra early or are done the following day, so be sure you are signed up for a job which you can fulfill. 
  • Please enter the name of the person doing the job and a textable mobile number for communications on the day of the meet and to sort out the occasional last minute changes.
  • Scroll down and select "Save"

**Please contact a parent rep if you need to change the job you signed up for, or if you cannot make it at the last minute.