Trouble signing up to volunteer? Double click the main swim meets button. Choose 'Job Sign-ups.'




  1. Regular season - 3 shifts per family required from regular meets. Some of you enjoy passing the time by picking up extra.  If you are inclined, you can sign up for more. If other families are short shifts, we may have them work in your place. 
  2. Conference - If swimmer is in conference, you are required to volunteer at conference or banquet prep, this is in addition to the 3 shift requirement.
  3. Gator Meet – Can only sign up for 1 volunteer slot.  If you sign up for 2, you will be canceled out of 2nd slot
  4. Job Sign-ups close the Friday midnight prior to the meet to prevent late cancellations.  We print volunteer labels on Sundays prior to meet.  If past the Friday night deadline and you absolutely cannot make it, please alert a parent rep so we can plan for coverage. 314-620-3156 Katy Spal.
  5. When Signing up, please be mindful of the shift start times. Swim meets are early (4:30pm for warm ups) on Monday evenings. If a working parent with flexible scheduling, consider adjusting your schedule for 6 weeks. (I wish someone had mentioned this to me.)
  6. As is the nature of coordinating volunteers, positions will shift to meet needs.  😊 THANKS FOR YOUR FLEXIBILITY. 😊 Depending on enrollment and the quantity of home vs away meets, different jobs may be available each season. We alternate hosting and traveling each year. Some years are heavier on the hosting side. 
  7. Getting help to fill obligatory volunteer shifts didn't occur to me until season three. And while I have not done this, it has proven successful for some families: If you cannot or do not want to juggle your volunteer shifts, work, and the kiddos, some families hire a responsible and accountable babysitter or other helper to be a timer. This is not the norm, but we are all volunteers and understand that this may be a viable solution.




Thank you so much for volunteering for the Gator swim team!   PLEASE ADD A TEXTABLE NUMBER WHEN SIGNING UP FOR JOBS.




MEET SET-UP/TEAR DOWN*  (Home and Away. For AWAY MEETS ONLY this counts for two shifts4pm - ***these duties are absorbed in other roles for home meets) This counts as two volunteer shifts. 

1. Gets shade tents from BSC by asking the manager to unlock the lower pump house, there are four tents. (For away meets: you may wish to pick tents up on Sunday, to ensure your ability to achieve a timely set-up prior to swimmers arrival, aka be at the away destination at 4pm with the tents.)

2. 4pm: Sets up the tents around in the bullpen.  Ask the hosting team where to find the bullpen.

3. Hangs the laminated Bullpen signs designating where the age groups are to gather. Simply choose an area of fence and use the clips to mount the sign to the fence.

4. Is available to execute additional delegated tasks by the parent reps.

5. Break down the tents at the end of the meet.

6.  (For Away Meets:) Transport tents back to the pump house at Brentwood Swim Club.

*Benefit: Free to watch your swimmer(s) during the meet.


RUNNER (1 per meet HOME and AWAY, 2 for the Gator home meet). 5:15pm Picks up timer sheets from each lane and delivers them to the scoring table. This job is on your feet and you will get a lot of steps!  Each team provides a runner. Work together!


LANE/BLOCK LOADERS (2 per meet, HOME and AWAY5:10pm

-Referencing the Heat Sheet obtained during check-in, places swimmers in chairs marked with their lane number

-Prompts swimmers to move forward towards the blocks as their race approaches.

-Reviews heat sheet to ensure that the swimmer is in his/her designated lane.

-Relays: Ensures younger relay swimmers are in the correct order, sending or accompanying the appropriate swimmers to the other end of the pool, and ensuring they know what stroke they will swim and in what order. (All this information in on the heat sheet that will be provided to you).


LANE TIMERS  9 per meet (HOME and AWAY) or 12 for the Gator meet; 5pm

-Timers are essential workers. Confirm volunteer commitment by 4:30pm to ensure the meet may run. You can to this in person or text 314-620-3156 guaranteeing your 5pm arrival. 

-Get clip board and fanny pack from check in. Assess fanny pack for functional timers and pencils. If you cannot make the early check in you MUST TEXT the volunteer coordinator​​​​****** You arrival must be no later than 5pm. (314-620-3156 Katy).

Attend timer meeting 15 minutes before meet starts. This varies but is usually 5:10pm. 

-Initiate timer for all races: Race starts at signal or light.

-Stop timer. Race ends when a part of the body touches the wall (this is summer league casual, not USA swimming rules.)

-One person from each lane should record all of the individual watch times on the timer sheets. Do not circle any times. The scorer’s table will determine the official time. A runner will come by to collect each lane’s sheets periodically as needed. Hands recorded times to the runners.

-Solicits Alternate timer's Assistance if the heat start is missed by yelling "Alternate" and raising your arm.


Each lane has three timers, 9 total provided by us, 9 provided by the opposing team. In general, the timers are assigned lanes as follows:

Home meets: 2 Brentwood timers in lanes 1,3,5; 1 Brentwood timer in lanes 2,4,6

Away Meets: 2 Brentwood timers in lanes 2,4,6;  1 Brentwood timer in lanes 1,3,5


ALTERNATE/RELIEF TIMER (1 per meet, HOME and AWAY5pm Starts a stop watch at the beginning of each race as a back-up for the timers. If a timer misses that start, he/she will raise hand and call “Alternate!” The alternate timer will come over and finish timing the race on their watch and report the time to the main lane timer. The opposing team supplies an additional timer as well.


BULLPEN (7-9 per meet, HOME and AWAY4:45pm Bullpen volunteers are responsible for gathering the swimmers for their races and delivering them to the Lane Loaders.  The bullpen is where children hang out during the meet in their age groups while waiting for their swimming event.  The volunteer will be located in the bullpen and is also responsible for maintaining a positive environment. This includes encouraging kids to clean up after themselves. We are often able to function with only 8 bullpen slots. The teenagers self-manage well!  Parent volunteers should ask for the heat sheets when they arrive at the meet.


Generally, there will be 7-9 parent volunteers in the main bullpen to cover the following jobs:

  • 6&u girls – 1 volunteer, sometimes combined with 6U boys
  • 6&u boys – 1 volunteer, sometimes combined with 6U girls

  • 7-8 girls – 1 volunteer

  • 7-8 boys – 1 volunteer

  • 9-10 girls – 1 volunteer

  • 9-10 boys – 1 volunteer

  • 11-12 girls – 1 volunteer, sometimes combined with boys group

  • 11-12 boys – 1 volunteer, sometimes combined with girls group

  • 13+ girls/boys - 1 volunteer, sometimes bundled into the event tracker role.

  • Event tracker - Assesses the lane loading and which group needs to line up next. Flips the event tracker numbers to alert the bullpen volunteers to prepare there swimmers for the lanes/blocks. 



Swimmers are highly encouraged to sit with their age group so parent volunteers can locate them when it is their turn to swim.



COMPUTER ASST 1: Card Judge (1 per meet, HOME and AWAY5:30pm Organizes time sheets as they are delivered by the Runner. Associates DQ slips with the appropriate time sheet. Circles the middle time of the three recorded for data entry. Reviews time sheets to look for potential errors (Significant spread in time, difficulty reading, inappropriately truncating the times, etc.). Notifies parent rep if there is a problem. Determines if a timing malfunction occurred.


COMPUTER ASSIST 2: Data Entry (1 per HOME and AWAY meet) 5:30pm Works with opposing team’s computer scorer to input all times into the computer as they come in from the Card Judge/Runner.


RIBBONS/Treat Hand-Out (2/morning after meetpost HOME and AWAYYou MUST BE PRESENT 8:45-11am, the day following the meet. Which is a late start as practice is normally at 8am.

-The ribbon helper attaches labels to ribbons and places ribbons in labeled file folders. All competitors 10&u, and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, place competitors in 11+ events will receive ribbons. Complete ribbons for each practice and hand out to swimmers after practices are over. 

-Be sure to prioritize ribbon writing for early practice age groups so swimmers can receive ribbons immediately after practice. 

-Hand out treats after practice for a job well done at the meet the night before.  This job requires the volunteer to be there from the beginning of the first practice to the end of the last practice. Practices start late the day after meets.


CHECK-IN/SUBSTITUTE VOLUNTEER/Clean Up (HOME and AWAY4:15 You will check in the volunteers, alert parent reps to staffing holes. As the substitute you may be asked to fill in for a job at any time. Help with clean up and tear down.  Works with the other (Check-in/ Hospitality Volunteer) to tell swimmers what events they are swimming in and give volunteers labels and supplies for their job. Once check-in is complete, attempts to track down any missing swimmers or volunteers that have not checked in. Reports back to parent rep and coaches on any missing swimmers so line-up can be adjusted if needed.






ANNOUNCER (1 per HOME meet) Announces the events for the main bull pen and spectators over the PA system. Reports any results as they are given. For 2023, this is Mike Ponciroli. Thank you Mike!


STARTER ASSISTANT (1 per HOME meet) Generally assists official. Records 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in heats as directed by the official. Records DQs as directed by the official. For 2023 this is Jody Brent. Thank you Jody!


CHECK-IN/Hospitality(1 per HOME meet) Arrives early (4:15pm) to check in swimmers or volunteers.  Works with the other (Check -in/Substitute Volunteer) to tell swimmers what events they are swimming and give volunteers labels and supplies for their job. Once check-in is complete, attempts to track down any missing swimmers or volunteers that have not checked in. Reports back to parent rep and coaches on any missing swimmers so line-up can be adjusted if needed. Hospitality - Deliver lemonade and water to all working volunteers and coaches (timers, bull pen volunteers, scoring table, etc.).  Even when the concession stand runs out of food and closes, please continue delivering drinks to volunteers until the end of the meet. Help concession of needed between beverage runs. 


PARKING/Concessions 1st half (2 per HOME meet, 1 for Gator meet) 4:15pm Parking helpers must arrive at home meets by 4pm. Parking directs cars to parking areas/spots. Reserves 2 front parking spots for the official and opposing coach when they arrive. After parking duties are complete, assist in concession stand for 1st half of meet, or until food inventory dictates.


CONCESSION Lead- HOME - Entirety of the concession stand operation (1-2 per home meet)  4:30pm

Set up concession area (tables, water, lemonade coolers, delivered food) while the other concession workers are doing parking and check in.  Receive food deliveries, sign for, and save receipts when food arrives (chick-fil-a, pizza, smoothies). Sell snack and meal items on behalf of the team until food runs out. Break down the concession area at the end.



SAFETY MARSHALL: Wear an amazing orange vest.

-Walk about and adult starting around 5:45pm. Be a present at intervals during the meet's first half. Sitting and watching your kids as needed.

-Monitor Swimmer behavior, be a supportive and authoritative adult watching for excessive horseplay... be a guiding force for good behavior.

CLEAN UP: Begins at the beginning of the free relays, a halfway point of the meet.

-Starts cleaning up the bullpens by collecting trash and placing items in the lost and found.  

TEAR DOWN: Help Meet Set Up/Tear Down Volunteer take down bullpen tents and signage.

-Returns Tents to the lower pump house.

-Returns signage to the volunteer box, and clips to the tin can in the volunteer box.

-Stays about 45 min after the meet ends to ensure the grounds are clean and tidy.





SPIRIT BREAKFAST ASSISTANT (2ish annually): The Friday Morning 7:30-11am before Conference. (7.14.23) Come and help us get set up to decorate posters for Conference an enjoy breakfast. Assistant will help the general food service, maintain the art area and clean up after the event. 

BANQUET ASSISTANTS (3-4 ish annually - this falls under the conference volunteer requirement)  The Monday Evening after Conference at the end of year Banquet Party - 7.17.23. Volunteers will assist in one or two of several roles including picking up food, set up, clean up, serving food, organizing and passing out ribbons/trophies, etc.



ALL-MEET SUBSTITUE: (0-4?): 5pm The amount depends on the number of families enrolled for the season. These spots require you to be available for the duration of the meet to fill in for absences, illness, etc. Report at 5pm, assist as needed. A flexible temperment is best for this role. Stay until dismissed by the parent reps.