Hammerheads Swimming Meet Schedule - 2020


AWAY - Sunday June 7th (Meet Start Time - TBD)

HMR @ WRA (Woodmont Recreation Association - Wahoos)


AWAY - Sunday June 15th (Meet Start Time - 6:30PM)*

HMR @ GP (Ginter Park - Dolphins)


HOME - Monday June 22nd (Meet Start Time - 6:30PM)**

CAA (Chickahominy Aquatics Association - Dolphins) @ HMR

RCC (Richmond Country Club - Riptides) vs GP (Ginter Park - Dolphins) @ HMR


HOME - Monday June 29th (Meet Start Time - 6:30PM)

ANT (Antioch Recreation Association) @ HMR 


AWAY - Monday July 6th (Meet Start Time - 6:30PM)**

HMR vs RCC (Richmond Country Club - Riptides) @ ANT (Antioch Recreation Association)

CAA (Chickahominy Aquatics Association - Dolphins) @ ANT (Antioch Recreation Association)


HOME - Monday July 13th (Meet Start Time - 6:30PM)***

TC (Three Chopt Recreation - Tsunamis) @ HMR


CHAMPS - Wednesday July 22nd @ SwimRVA (Meet Start Time - TBD) 


JRAC has moved from 3 divisions to 1 divison.

* Ginter Park is a 25 Yard Pool and not 25 Meter Pool.  Conversion - Multiply yard time by 1.105 and round to two decimal places.

** There are two teams so small they have requested to swim together.  This means they will both swim at the same pool just against two different teams.

*** Last Home Meet - Parent Relays.  Put your name in now to secure your spot on a Relay.