Hammerheads Swimming Practice Schedule - 2020

Weekday Evenings (Monday-Thursday*, Starting May 18th)

Group A - 5:30PM - 6:10PM 

Group B - 6:15PM - 6:55PM

Group C - 7:00PM - 7:40PM

Group D - 7:45PM - 8:25PM

Saturday Mornings (Starting May 23rd)

Group A - 10:15AM - 10:55AM 

Group B - 9:30AM - 10:10AM

Group C - 8:45AM - 9:25AM

Group D - 8:00AM - 8:40AM

Weekday Mornings** (Tuesday-Thursday, Starting June 16th)

Group A/B - 10:15AM - 10:55AM

Group C/D - 9:30AM - 10:10AM

*There are no practices on the days of meets.

**Weekday mornings are offered IN ADDITION to the evening practices.  They are just another option, not a replacement.





Your child's time slot will be determined during assessment week, and may be adjusted over the course of the season.  A few notes:

  • We would like for swimmers to come to 3 or 4 practices a week, as regular practice is important for continued improvement.  But don’t worry about being out of town for vacations…you can just pick right up where you left off!
  • Unless a child has a medical condition that they cannot manage themselves, parents do not need to remain on site during the practice.  Please be prompt about picking them up, though, because we can only supervise kids who are in the water.
  • Regular practices will run through July 11th.  Swimmers who qualify for Champs will continue to have practices through the day of Champs, which is July 22nd.  

Please click HERE to view the starting practice time/lane assignments. (Must be logged in to view)