2021 Season Update
Calling All Hammerheads!!
We have finally gotten further information from our league, James River Aquatic Club (JRAC), regarding the 2021 summer swim season. Below is some information about some of the changes we are incorporating this year.
**Who Can Join Swim Team?
We are signing up swimmers who are aged 6 and older. Due to social distance requirements, we will be limited to only coaches on the swim deck, and parents/siblings/spectators will be asked to remain outside. Coaches will also not be able to be in the water with the kids. Therefore we are not able to sign up any child 5 or under this year for safety reasons. We are encouraging our Hammerheads who are 5 and under to keep practicing and we hope you will join us in Summer 2022.  
Registration will be open to swimmers in the neighborhoods directly surrounding Honey Meadows Pool.
**How will practices be held?
Our coaching staff is still “hammering out” the details, but we do know that we will need to have more rigid scheduling than in previous seasons. This likely means that we will have fixed days/times for individual swimmers as opposed to the “come any day to your assigned group” approach we’ve used before. As mentioned above, no parents will be allowed on deck during practices. Swimmers will need to wear masks while not in the pool.
Tryouts/assessments will be May 17-21.
Evening/Saturday practices will begin May 24 and morning practices will begin June 21.
**Swim Meets: Virtual
JRAC has given teams the option of hosting their meets virtually or face to face. In a virtual meet, each team would swim at their home pool, submit their times to the league, and the league will post the meet results. In a face to face meet, both teams would swim at the host pool. In each scenario, the number of people allowed on deck is limited - no parents/spectators are allowed. Your child would wait with you in your vehicle, enter the pool area at the time they are called to swim their event, exit the pool once they are done, and return to you. We do have some creative ways (such as FM radio transmission) so you can hear how the event is going, so you won’t miss out on the event. Masks are required in both scenarios.
The Honey Meadows Rutland (HMR) Hammerheads has decided to have a fully virtual season after receiving feedback from a team survey.  CHAMPS will still be held face-to-face for those children who qualify, as that is being hosted by JRAC.
Swim meets are going to be June 13, 21, 28, and July 6, 12, 19. The final team matchups and home/away schedule are still being determined by JRAC.
**We STILL Need Volunteers!
The HMR Swim Board is comprised of only four people and we cannot possibly put together a season for our kids without your help. Even when our meets are virtual, we will need folks to volunteer for positions that are needed on deck. This includes Strokes and Turns judges, Timers, Computer Operator and Referee. Getting trained for these positions this year is super easy as ALL VOLUNTEER TRAININGS ARE VIRTUAL.
**How do we sign up?
We plan to have registration open May 3, 2021. Returning members, please make sure you know your login and password before registration opens!


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