This team can't exist without VOLUNTEERS!!!  In addition to volunteers to help run our meets, we are looking for volunteers to join the following parent-led committees:


This committee is primarily concerned with inventorying, identifying, and preparing the team’s equipment for the season, including but not limited to backstroke flags, flag stanchions, starting blocks, kickboards, lane line markers, stopwatches, clipboards, etc.

  • Inventory the quantity and condition of all our equipment
  • In late spring, pull all equipment out of storage and clean/prepare for the season
  • Facility responsibility includes making certain the pool is prepared and equipped for meets.
  • Crew available to have pool deck prepared and set up prior to all home meets
  • Starter equipment picked up from JRAC and available for home meets
  • Lighting and PA equipment is in good working condition and meets JRAC requirements
  • Cleanup and returning pool to regular operating setup after home meets


This committee is responsible for the coordination and planning of events (both in and out of season) intended to strengthen team esprit de corps.  Also plans the end of season party.


The apparel committee is responsible for the proposal of ideas for apparel design, coordination of team swim suit style, order/prepare expected t-shirt amounts, and order additional apparel for sale.

  • Designs t-shirts for the upcoming season
  • Elicit and come up with ideas for additional swag or apparel that can sell easily
  • Order swim caps as needed
  • Select the team swim suit styles before the start of the season
  • Coordinate fitting/sizing each season
  • Coordinate with Fundraising chair to make sure apparel is available for sale at all fundraising events

Concessions (Not needed for 2021!)

The concessions committee is fully responsible for the acquisition, preparation, presentation, and sale of refreshments at home meets.

  • Maintain an inventory of all perishable and non-perishable stored concession material
  • Review current concessions offerings and determine high vs low profit centers and present concession revenue generation to Board
  • Work bulk discount contracts or agreements with providers of concessions offerings to ensure lowest costs at maximum profits
  • Solicit helpers to prepare, sell, and clean on home meet nights
  • Set up concessions one hour prior to meet start
  • Coordinate cleanup following end of meet

Awards & Records

This committee is primarily responsible for maintaining an inventory of meet ribbons, obtaining and posting team record times, and ordering plaques/trophies/medals for end of season awards.

  • Maintain an accurate inventory of ribbons currently on hand
  • Affix labels to ribbons for distribution at meets
  • Select and order end of season awards for swimmers
  • Obtain full season records for all previous seasons and determine lowest record times for our swimmers in all events, including relays
  • Maintain/create records database as new records are achieved
  • Post records to website and announcement board
  • Ensure all surplus awards are stowed airtight and handed off to equipment chair for placement in storage during off season


Questions about becoming a member of one of these committees?  Email [email protected]

Ready to sign up?  Fill out our form here:  (Coming soon!)