901 N. High Point Road
Madison, Wisconsin 53717

2022 Pool Season:
May 27 - September 5

Pool Schedule Aug 15-21


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs
11am - 12pm | Adult Lap Swim
12:00pm - 8:00pm | Open Swim

Wednesday, Aug 17
5:00pm - 8:00pm | Floatie Night    (new night this week, only night this week)

Thursday , Aug 18
5:30pm - 6:30pm | Water Aeorbics with Beccah   (new night this week)

Friday, August 19
11am - 12pm | Adult Lap Swim
12:00pm - 5:00pm  (end early for Trivia Ngiht)

Saturday, August 20
11am - 12pm | Adult Lap Swim
12:00pm - 8:00pm

Sunday, August 21
10am - 10:50am | Water Aerobics with Beccah
11am - noon | Adult Lap Swim
12:00pm - 7:00pm | Open Swim

We welcome all parents who wish to join the High Point Pool Booster Club!

The Booster Club is a group of parent volunteers whose goal is create a positive community among swimmers, divers, coaches, and their families. We support the team members and coaches by coordinating volunteers at home meets and offering team-building social activities throughout the season.

In a typical season, the Booster Club is responsible for team apparel, splash off pizza party, tie-dye day, Friday snacks, Noah’s Ark trip, best time and first dive awards, get to know you posters, spaghetti dinner, senior awards, coach appreciation, end of season party and more!

Contact the Co-Presidents for more information and to join the Booster Club at [email protected]

2022 Booster Club Members Coordinators

Name Responsibility
Marlee Carlson Co-President
Melea Renk Co-President
Sharon Hartung Treasurer, All-City Board Representative, Officials
Paige Janquart Secretary
Marlee Carlson, Melea Renk Swim Team Coordinator
Jill Boid Dive Team Coordinator
Andrea Benton Team Newsletter
Lisa Dietrich Apparel - team suits/apparel, tie dye t-shirts, All City apparel
Julie Colmar-Davis Volunteer Coordinator
Harriet Tatooles Team Registration, Website Updates 
Jacquelyn Welch Pre-Season Splash-Off/Pizza Party
Liz Swanson Bag Tags
Christal Campbell, Ingrid Nackers        Tie Dye Day
Jacquelyn Welch Friday Treats
Annie Lauchner Concessions - Home Swim Meets
Annie Lauchner Concessions - Bagels, Donuts, Pizza
Liz Swanson Get to Know You Posters
Liz Swanson Coach's Costumes
Judy Fard Awards, Heat Ribbons
Marlee Carlson, Melea Renk High Point Invitational Swim Meet
Britney Hynes Best Time/First Dive Pins, Team Records
Kristine Harms Noah's Ark
Sara Chellevold All City Food Drive
Cristi Letang Spaghetti Dinner & All City Banner Making
Andrea Benton Coach Appreciation
Open Position! Slide Show for End of Season Party
Open Position! Newspaper Write-Ups