2021 Pool Season:
May 28 - September 6


Pool Open May 27, 2022 to September 5, 2022

The deadline to register for swim and dive team is June 1, 2021. 

SWIM & DIVE Suit Fitting @ Simply Swimming Thursday, April 29th from 11am-6pm! See details HERE.

About Swim and Dive Team


Who Can Join?

Any member's child who is age 4 to 18 years old who (for safety reasons) can swim one length of the pool (25 meters). The team has fast swimmers and great divers, but there are also many kids who join because they love being on a team, being in the water on a hot day, and being part of fun summer sport with lots of kids from the pool.

Don't let the word TEAM intimidate you. Join either the swim or dive team or even both! It is a great activity for the summer. All are welcome and encouraged to join the fun.


How Much Does It Cost?

Below are the 2021 participation fees for the High Point Pirates. 

  Ages 4-14 Ages 15-18
Swim Team Only $75 $30
Dive Team Only $75 $30
Swim & Dive Team $100 $45

The deadline to register for swim and dive team is June 1, 2021. 

How to Register/Join

IMPORTANT NOTE! You must be a current member of High Point Swim Club with a FAMILY registration (annual fee is $775) in order to register children for Swim or Dive Team!


to register for Pool Membership

to register for Swim & Dive Team

This link is no longer active


Have Questions?

E-mail [email protected]

Swim and Dive Team Practice Schedule

See the practice schedule HERE.


Dive Team Requirements

Athletes ages 10-under must be able to perform 3 dives in 3 categories (forward, back, and twist or inward) by the first meet (in mid-June) in order to be on the team. Athletes who are not able to do 3 dives will be encouraged to participate in dive lessons and may rejoin the team when they are able to complete 3 different dives  Athletes ages 11 and up must have 4 dives in 4 categories (forward, back, twist, and inward or reverse). 

Team Racing Suits

The team swim suits are available at Simply Swimming at 6649 University Avenue in Middleton, WI. It is best to take your child to the store and have him/her try on suits in order to get the right size. 

The team suit is not required but most kids do get them. The team suit encourages team spirit and unity and makes it easier for coaches and parents to recognize our swimmers, however, it is perfectly acceptable to wear a team suit from a past year, a suit that is similar to the team suit, or whatever your child prefers.

Don't delay if you wish to get the team suit! Simply Swimming orders the team suits in advance, and once the in-store stock is sold out they cannot order more. Make sure to let Simply Swimming know that you are a member at High Point pool so you get the team discount for other items (goggles, towels, swim bags) purchased in the swim department.Visit the Simply Swimming website for store hours. Please note: Simply Swimming is closed on Sundays.

Team Apparel

Apparel includes t-shirts, shorts, pants and sweatshirts with the High Point Pirates Swim & Dive logo. Anyone can order apparel including swim and dive team members, siblings, parents and general pool members. The more the merrier!!!

Order apparel online at https://www.simplyswimming.net/highpoint

The order deadlines are:

Swim cap Deadline: Wednesday, May 5th @ 11:59pm!

Apparel Deadline: Sunday, May 16th @ 11:59pm!


How to Get Involved/Help

All parents are welcome to join the High Point Pool Booster Club. The Booster Club is a group of parent volunteers whose goal is create a positive community among swimmers, divers, coaches, and their families. We support the team members and coaches by coordinating volunteers at home meets and offering team-building social activities throughout the season. In a typical season, the Booster Club is responsible for team apparel, splash off pizza party, tie-dye day, Friday snacks, Noah's Ark trip, best time and first dive awards, get to know you posters, spaghetti dinner, senior awards, coach appreciation, end of season party and more! See the list of Booster Club members and their roles. Contact the Swim Team Coordinator for more information and to join the Booster Club.


Additional information can be found in the Swim Team Handbook