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Pool Newsletter March 22, 2021

Pool Communications

Dear High Point Swim Club Members – 

Thank you for your patience as we have been working through the various scenarios for what this summer will look like.  You will see in the newsletter that we have a few more answers for you – with the usual caveat that everything will depend on the regulations from Dane County Public Health that apply at the time of opening. 


Registration for the summer will open April 1st! Registration rates for the 2021 season are as follows:

Family Membership - New    $775   
Family Membership - Returning $775
Family Membership - Returning 10 Year $500
Couple Membership $500
Single Adult Membership $350
SENIOR Couple Membership $300
SENIOR Single Membership $200


Swim Lessons

While we don’t know what the format or schedule will be quite yet, we ARE planning to offer lessons this summer.


Swim & Dive Team

We are excited to announce that we will be having a swim and dive season at HP this summer! We are eager to hear from the All-City Board what the season will look like and promise to let you know as soon as we find out.

We will be keeping the same team swimsuit as last summer and it is available at Simply Swimming to try on and purchase. More information about HP apparel will be coming your way soon.


All-City Survey

The Madison All-City Board is conducting a survey of Swim & Dive families from the area to better understand where families are at with their preferences and comfort level for this season.  Please feel out the survey soon so the group has enough information to make decisions during their next meeting. 


Water Aerobics

A fan favorite of 2020, water aerobics will be back for 2021! Stay tuned for schedule notes as we get closer to the summer. 


Corporate Sponsorships

For anyone looking to be a Corporate Sponsor or who knows someone who might be a great Sponsor, please share the following.  

Seize the opportunity to advertise during the peak summer months and also contribute to a wonderful community resource. High Point Swim Club serves over 350 Madison and Middleton families and hosts thousands more through swim and dive meets. This is great exposure all summer long!

For more information, please contact Matt Potrzebowski at [email protected] or Garett Simpson at [email protected].


Ask Dan the MANager

Q: Hey Dan the Manager, Can we open the pool soon?

A:  Do you realize there is still snow around the edge or the pool?  I went ice skating in the pool in February, good times. 

Yes, we were just talking last night that the pool will open in about 2 months.  We are all excited for a wonderful summer. Last year was great, this year will be off the Shepherd's Hook!!!  (Pool Manager joke)

High Schoolers, I am still looking for more lifeguards. Would love to hear from you if you are interested. Click this link to open and print the job application. Instructions for sending the completed applications to me can be found on the application. The deadline for summer job applications is March 30, 2021.

Until then, run some laps, stretch, lift some weights, whatever you do to get ready to swim.  We will be there soon.

See you in the Deep End (but not until May 28th)

Dan the Manager