2021 Pool Season:
May 28 - September 6


Open Swim Hours 

Schedule Changes August 29 - September 6

  Aug. 29
Aug. 30
Aug. 31
Sep. 1
Sep. 2
Sep. 3
Sep. 4
Sep. 5
Sep. 6
Open Swim 12pm-8pm 4pm-7pm 4pm-7pm 4pm-7pm 4pm-7pm


1pm-6pm 1pm-6pm 1pm-5pm

About Swim Lessons

If COVID-19 restrictions are in place, the structure of lessons will be different from a typical season in order to follow guidelines from Public Health Madision & Dane County and provide equal opportunities for members to participate. More information will be provided as the pool opening date approaches.

High Point Swim Club (HPSC) membership includes FREE swim lessons. There are four (4) two-week sessions of swim lessons – any HPSC member can sign up their children for these lessons. HPSC offers nine (9) swim lesson levels, with an additional basic water safety (BWS) class, stroke clinic class and diving instruction class. All classes are taught by HPSC lifeguards.

When are swim lessons offered?

HPSC offers four two-week lesson sessions, beginning in mid June and ending in mid August. In a typical season, lessons take place Monday through Friday 10:00 AM–1:00 PM and 5:30 PM–7:00 PM. See more details HERE.

How do I sign up my children for lessons?

Registration for lessons is available online on the website. Registration starts on the Thursday prior to each session. See the online lesson signup instructions (pdf).

How do I know my child’s level?

For members who have previously been in lessons, your child’s last lesson passed will be available on your member information. New students who don’t know their level should try to stop by the pool for an evaluation through out the summer. Ask for a manager, and we will get your child evaluated. You can also talk to Robin to provide the skill level your child knows already, and she can place them that way. If during the first week of classes the instructor finds the child is in the wrong level (either too easy or too challenging) Robin will recommend to you that a switch should be made and can help make the arrangements to make the switch as seamless as possible.

How long is a lesson each day?

Every lesson offered, Parent tot through BWS (Basic Water Safety), is 25 minutes long. Each session is two weeks long, five days a week.

When should the child be ready for swim lessons?

The child should be ready for each day’s lesson about 5-10 minutes before the lesson starts.

When does testing take place?

Testing takes place every day during the second week of lessons. It is crucial that the child attends during testing, as most times instructors will only test a given skill on one day.

How to provide feedback to instructors / instructor coordinator?

We are looking for feedback on the lesson program. You can contact Robin Hartung via e-mail at [email protected] or at the pool anytime. Robin will also be on deck during lesson times as well.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about swim lessons, please contact Robin Hartung at [email protected].