Fri. May 24 - Sun. June 9
Weekdays: 4:30pm - 8:00pm
Weekends: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

Registration for the 2019 season is open as of March 15!

Water Ballet FAQs


Parents Meeting:  Saturday 6/1/19, 4:00-5:00PM

Lessons:  6/10/19-7/16/19, 5½ weeks

NEW! One Rehearsal:  Sunday 7/14/19, 6:30-8:30PM

Water Ballet Show:  Wednesday, July 17, 7:30PM


Registration Forms are due to the HPSC front desk Wednesday, June 5th.

Online payment is due Friday, June 7th.


What exactly is Water Ballet?

Think synchronized dives, cannon balls, splashes, and underwater tricks timed perfectly to toe-tapping jams.

How old do you have to be?

There are no age restrictions; however, the child must be able to swim, tread water, and be comfortable in the diving well.

What if my child doesn’t feel comfortable in the diving well, but wants to be in the show?

Perfect! They should sign up for the Deck Dancers program. This group of 3 to 6 year olds will memorize a dance to be performed in the show on land only. Sign up is first-come-first-served for these limited spots.

Can boys participate?

ABSOLUTELY! In fact, we encourage it! Last year, we had two boys acts. This year, we are shooting for three!

How much does Water Ballet cost per participant?

$15 per child. (Deck Dancers too!) Payment is through the HPSC website. Please remember to also fill out the “Rules to Success” form and the “Practice Preferences” form and return them to the HPSC front desk by Wednesday, July 8th. You can find these sheets at the front desk and online.

How do I register for Water Ballet?

Water Ballet registration is online only. You must be a current member of High Point Swim Club.

to register for Pool Membership
to register for Water Ballet

What does this fee go towards?

The money goes towards buying costumes, creating a backdrop for the show, music, equipment, flyers, and programs for the show.

How many children participate in Water Ballet?

Last year we had over 100 participants! That’s a record number!

During practice, how many groups are in the diving well at a time?

Only 2 groups will practice in the diving well per time slot.

What if my child is going to miss a few classes?

Children should not miss more than 3 times. If you have pre-planned absences, please discuss those with your instructor right away to set up private makeup lessons. Each private your child attends, will override your child’s absence. Please understand that we are preparing a synchronized choreography, so any child’s absence makes it harder for the attending children.

How do I set up a private?

If your child misses and you’d like a private make-up to review strokes and learn new additions, these may be arranged through your water ballet teacher at a mutually agreed upon day/time. The make ups will be about 20 minutes long and will cost $10. Payment can be made directly to the teacher who helps you out.

Why is there only ONE rehearsal when there used to be two rehearsals?

This year the final will be taught throughout the summer lessons so we are going down to one rehearsal only. This is when everyone comes together and the mayhem begins! It’s important that your child attends to learn the rhythm of how things will go for the show night. The rehearsal is for blocking, staging and tweaking, plus it’s a dress rehearsal. A dress rehearsal is when we make costume and prop adjustments based on the rehearsal experiences. Your child must attend.

Do we need volunteers?

Yes we do! During the week of the show, we are looking for volunteers to help assemble the large backdrop, arrange chairs, hand out costumes, braid hair, assist with makeup, and much more!

Will volunteering count towards my pool volunteer hours?

Yes! So, please help.

Other questions?

Please send them to Katherine Mccarthy at hpscwaterballet@gmail.com