Expectations of Swimming for Brighton High School

Being a part of the swim team here at Brighton High School is something that should be exciting and should also be an honor. Brighton Bengal Swimming is the most successful extra-curricular program at the high school (and pretty much out of any high school in Utah). We have compiled more Region Championships and State Championships than any other sport. We have produced many state champions, broken many state records, had many All-Americans (top 100 in the country)…this is bragging a little bit, but you must understand the responsibility you have in joining this team – it is a great responsibility to live up to such a high standard of performance.

By joining the Brighton High School Swim Team, you are fully committing to the team. This includes but is not limited to: practices Monday through Friday (both in the water and dryland), all dual meets and activities sponsored by the swim team throughout the swimming season (from now until mid-February), registration fees through the high school, swim team uniform (t-shirt, sweatshirt/jacket, team cap and team swim suit), swim team equipment (kick board, paddles and fins). If you have any questions, please let me know as soon as possible.

Swimming is about setting goals, self-discipline, teamwork and being a strong – but fair – competitor. You will become a stronger, more reliable, more cooperative and more focused person during the course of participating in this sport. You will learn how to win with dignity and also how to lose with honor and grace. Swimming is not for everyone. It is a tough and demanding sport requiring hundreds of hours or sweat and determination. Luckily for us, the sweat comes off in the water, but the determination does not.

  1. You are expected to be at practice every day on time. From October 3rd until October 12th we will be having our tryout period which will be from 2:45 p.m. – 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday and then Monday through Wednesday. All swimmers whether new or returning are expected to participate in the tryout period.

  2. Beginning October 17th, practice times will be assigned to those that have made the team and will be at various times throughout the day. (For those wishing to participate prior to October 3rd, there are options available to sign up and train with Cottonwood Heights Aquatics Team. Please see Coach Todd for those options.)

  3. Practices are NOT optional. Attendance at all practice sessions is expected and required. If there is a conflict, this must be resolved with Coach Todd prior to missing practice.

  4. You are expected to be at every competition, from the beginning to the end. All competitions are mandatory unless cleared with the coaching staff PRIOR to the competition. Many factors will come in to play when deciding who gets to race and who does not (attendance, attitude, effort, event rank, etc), swimmers will be fully part of the team. Those not wishing to adhere to the standards of Brighton Bengal Swimming will be asked to not particiapte any further.

  5. Swimmers are expected and required to maintain a GPA above 2.0 (this is a UHSAA requirement). Failure to achieve a 2.0 will result in the athlete being ineligible to compete for and train with Brighton High School.

  6. Each swimmer needs to remember that they represent Bengal Swimming every second of every day. Team members, therefore, need to conduct themselves in ways that bring a positive outlook on the team. Any behavior that brings any type of negative outlook on the team will result in disciplinary action which will be handled by the coaching staff and the administration at the high school. Team behavior is concerned with, but not limited to, practices, meets, time in school and time away from school.