The team will have many objectives.  Winning as a team is certainly enjoyable but ultimately it is out of our control.  the only thing we can do is work hard and be as prepared as possible.  Our primary goals will be the following:

  • to swim well and achieve our individual and team goals
  • to grow personally from the experience of being on this swim team
  • to have fun and enjoy the season

To accomplish the above with any significance you will need full participation.  Regarding the issue of having fun, fun on this team has been realized more through team success than from individual accolades.  This is not possible to achieve without a commitment to the team.


Training Philosophy

We have had success emphasizing stroke work in conjunction with training.  In terms of your training, we will work hard and focus on stroke work.  This should help all the swimmers.  Example:

  • Fly Stroke Balance - difference between 50 and 100
  • Underwater technique and speed - all that is involved


Practice Quality

You should perceive practices as opportunities to improve.  Every day is a chance to become a better swimmer.  Every workout missed is a lost opportunity.



It is your responsibility to be on time for all team activities.  As a team, we will do things together and that includes being prompt for practices, meet warm-ups, team meetings and social activities.

It will be your responsibility to let a coach know in advance if you miss practice.