Volunteer Position Descriptions:

Volunteering is a requirement for our swim meets at Hawks.  Every family participating in a home swim meet is required to supply 1 volunteer for that meet.  This includes all families, even for your first swim meet.  Below are desciptions of the volunteer positions.  Dive positions are below as well.


Announcer: Reads the names of swimmers in each event, results and other public announcements as needed.


Awards: Receives labels from the scoring/results area and attaches them to ribbons, files the ribbons, and hands out ribbons to the swimmers. 


Clerk of Course: Responsible for assembling the swimmers (mainly 10 & under) by Heat and Lane ahead of their event, holding the swimmers ready on the deck and taking them to respective lanes. Should also inform coaches ASAP if there is a no-show so they can find their swimmers.


Concession Prep: Order donuts and pizza a couple of days prior to the meet.  Make arrangements to get donuts picked up.  Go to the pool the night before the meet to get drinks on ice.   Make sure we have change for concessions sales.  Create pricing list.  Work on getting the concessions area set up with the concessions set-up volunteer. 


Concessions (early – event 30): Arrive to the meet during warm ups.  Cheerfully greet families and sell concession items and heat sheets.  Collect accurate payments. Notify head of concessions if any items are running low. 


Concessions (event 30 through event 70):  Arrive to the concessions tent prior to event 30.  Cheerfully greet families and sell concession items and heat sheets.  Collect accurate payments. Notify head of concessions if any items are running low. 


Concessions Set up:  Arrives to the meet prior to the early warm-ups.  Set up the concession tent and table, which can be found in the storage room.  Make coffee.  Grab coolers full of drinks, food, heat sheets and organize them on the table.  Make sure the pricing list is posted. 


Concessions Tear Down:  Once the meet is over, pick up all unsold items and store in the storage area.  Collect garbage and take to the dumpster.  Tear down tent and tables.


Head Clerk of Course: Arrive early (during warm-ups) and train new volunteers at the Meet. Will also be helping to assemble the swimmers, taking them to their lanes and finding coaches if there is a no-show.


Head Timer: Organizes and briefs the timers on their duties prior to the meet and is in charge of the lane timers throughout the meet.  Also, runs an extra stopwatch and acts as a back-up to the primary lane timers.


Heat Winner Handout: Determines the winner of each individual event heat and awards that swimmer a heat winner ribbon. 


Hospitality: Provides water and checks on any additional needs for officials, coaches, lifeguards, and timers during the meet.



Officials: Will need to attend a training for officials prior to the meet.  Responsible for running the meet and making sure strokes are legal and complete a DQ slip if needed.  This position requires you to wear a white shirt, white shoes, and navy or black shorts.


Parking Attendant:  Sits at the entrance to the parking lot to ensure only permitted golf course members are allowed on the golf course side of the parking lot and assisting swim meet attendees with where to park.  Will need to arrive to the meet prior to warm-ups.


Runner: Responsible for obtaining the completed timing sheets from the timers, DQ and order of finish slips from the officials.  Time slips should be collected after each race and the DQ/order of finish slips after each stroke.  Deliver timing sheets to the computer operator.  Note: this job keeps you moving around the pool, should have shoes that work well on slippery/wet surfaces.


Scoring & Results:  Works on the computer using the Meet Manager Software to enter scores, DQ slips and order of finish slips.  The computer operator will print the labels for the ribbons and the results to post around the pool.  If you are new to this position, you will be trained, there is always 1 experienced person in the room.  This position requires you to stay after the meet has finished to complete the results.


Timer: Uses a stopwatch to capture the time for the swimmer in your assigned lane, there are two timers per lane.  One of the timers in the lane also writes the 2 timers scores on the score sheet. There is a brief information meeting before the meet begins.


Dive Meet Volunteers:


Announcer:  Announces the warmup time frame for each age group, reads the name of the diver, the dive and the difficulty level, shares the final results within each age group and any other public announcements.


Scoring: Two adults will record the 3 scores received per dive, calculate the average and multiply by the difficulty level to achieve the score for each dive.  At the end of each age group, the scores for each dive are totaled for a total dive score and the Top 6 divers are awarded ribbons.


Awards: write the date, name and total dive score on the top 6 ribbons per age group and award the divers in each group.