Dougherty valley HS Swimming 2021

Tryouts will be February 1st - 3rd at the Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center 328pm - 530pm. Final team rosters will be emailed Thursday February 4th.


The below schedule is FOR ALL SWIMMERS


[1] The first day of tryouts will be Monday February 1st. We are a CUT sport, therefore cuts will be made throughout the week ending Wednesday February 3rd for various reasons based on the minimum requirements and final cuts will be Thursday February 13th at the end of each practice, some swimmers will be asked individually to come one more day. All those going out for Diving will report to Cal High for their tryouts. 

SPECIAL NOTEThere are approx. 125 swimmers/divers trying out for no more than approx. 90 team spots (we only have two coaches). If your swimmer has zero competitive swimming experience, this high school team is NOT the place to begin. If your swimmer has little swimming experience, this high school team is NOT LEARN TO SWIM. If your swimmer cannot commit to the team Attendance Policy 100% within the Team Policy, this high school team is NOT for you.


  • For Monday:
    • It is HIGHLY suggested and we encourage that swimmers are in proper swim suits and those with long hair are wearing a swim cap.   
    • Every swimmer will be timed in the 100 FR during practice. Not putting in pads. 
    • Other requirements will also be accessed (see min requirements on team website – link in section 1.2)
    • If a coach or lifeguard deems any swimmer UNSAFE at ANYTIME, that swimmer will be removed from the water immediately and the tryout is over – that swimmer did not make the team
    • All club swimmers must attend practice at DV on this day
      • All new club swimmers will be asked to come back on Tuesday, unless told specifically they do not need to by Coach Mayes and Coach Bantz
        • If Coach Mayes does not speak to you regarding attending practice Tuesday, then plan to come to DV Tuesday
  • Over then next two days we will assess the swimmers and make decisions about cuts come end of practice Wednesday. Some swimmers will be asked to come back for practice Thursday if need be.
  • Something to consider:
    • ​The slowest boy on the team after tryouts last season was 1:00 in the 100 FR
    • The slowest girl on the team after tryouts last season was 1:15 in the 100 FR
  • Please see practice times HERE for season. Beginning Monday 2/8.

[1.1] Regarding cuts: if any lifeguard or coach deems an athlete to be UNSAFE in the water, the athlete will be removed from the pool and cut immediately, the tryout will be over. This is a safety issue 1st and foremost.

[1.2] The minimum requirements to be considered for the swim team have been posted on the team website under the Swim/Dive Tab. Note that although these are the minimum requirements for consideration, the threshold for cuts will likely be much faster than the times listed, given the number of swimmers trying out for the team. It is expected that more than 100 swimmers will meet these minimum requirements and therefore swimmers will likely need to be faster than the identified times. During the 3-day tryout, the swimmers will be assessed on those minimum requirements. Everyone will have 3 days to prove that, unless statement 1.1 above. NOTE: HS swim is NOT learn-to-swim.

[1.3] Spring sports swimming/diving team donation. Each swimmer/diver is asked to donate $260 to the team, where $90 comes off of the top (all spring sports have $90 off of the top) to the general athletic fund. We are 1 of only 3 sports at Dougherty require buses (Track and Football) b/c our team is so large. Buses are expensive and there is a lot more that needs to be covered – more on this at the parent meeting. Bottom line, we need 80% - 85% of families donating to run this team along with fundraising. Can make donation on dvhs webstore.

[1.4] Please review the Team Policy, which includes the Attendance Policy, the only excused absence from practice is missing 50% or more of the school day or academic purposes. All swimmers are allowed 3 unexcused absences for the entire season. Any tardy or unexcused absences after 3 unexcused absences will result in loss of eligibility for the remainder of the season – no exceptions. Parent/friend/guardian notifications will NOT excuse swimmers/divers for any reason

[1.5] Only swimmers/divers NEW to the Dougherty Valley HS Swim/dive team may be excused from spring break practice, IF required (the reason to miss must be cleared by the coaches at least a month ahead of time). All other returning swimmers/divers, spring break practice will count towards your attendance. Spring break practice is Saturday, Monday – Wednesday of spring break, that is 4 practices. Time 700a - 900a. If you miss all of spring break and you are a returning member, you will lose your eligibility for this season after spring break. We take attendance and it is kept on the team website. Athletes and Parents can check daily.

[1.6] All parents MUST have an account through the TEAM WEBSITE ( and added their swimmers/divers as members. Only parents can make the account.

[2] Our TEAM (SWIM/DIVE) Parent meeting is FRIDAY FEBRUARY 12th at 630pm ZOOM. I REQUIRE at least one parent/guardian to be in attendance – there is a LOT of information and “how to’s” that need to be explained in person. Diving Parents need to attend as well. No swimmers/diver need to attend, there is not enough room.

[2.1] Diving Parent meeting with Coach Andy Goddard will be TBD (around week 2 or 3). It is VERY important for you to be in attendance. Coach Andy will run everything for diving. All dive parents MUST BE CLEARED to drive for Dive meets, there will be NO BUSES

[3] It is the SOLE responsibility of the swimmer to inform their coach of a missed practice at least 24 hours ahead in WRITTEN form only (email – 3 of 4 coaches are ON CAMPUS). Any notes from parents or friends will not be accepted as notification. Upon returning to practice after the absence, there must be a note from your location proving that is where you said you went. If both forms of notification are not completed, then the absence will be unexcused.

[4] Hopefully by now, all of your swimmers registration is complete including the ATHLETIC CLEARANCE for the school with doctor Physical

[5] Team Apparel and SUITS for SWIMMERS and DIVERS – ONLINE Order form due by 11:59PM on MONDAY TBD – Copy of order form email and payment receipt from DV WEBSTORE are due WEDNESDAY TBD. Bring to 2207 or drop off at practice.  The apparel order form as well as images of the apparel can be found on the Team website under the SWIM/DIVE Drop Down Menu >> Team Apparel (put cursor over the tab for drop down menu).


[5.1] Team Swim Suits – NEW SUITS FOR 2021. All members should have the same team suit (if you have last year’s suit, that is okay). We change suit designs every two years or so. On the team apparel order form you can purchase the team suit. Swimmers and divers should have a practice suit and a meet suit.

[6] Please make note of the Swim Meet Schedule on the team website. There is a PDF copy of the schedule to print if you like under the SCHEDULE TAB >> WEB VERSION. Swimmers are expected to be at every dual and championship swim meet. Divers are expected to be at every dive meet. Coaches choose the events swimmers swim; it is NOT the swimmers choice – no exceptions. Our Diving coach will communicate on diving meets, etc…info will be posted as well on the Diving Page of the team website.

[7] Team Parents for 20-21 will be decided soon 

[8] Volunteer registration (ALL MUST BE CLEARED FOR OVERNIGHT, even if you don’t plan to). CLICK HERE to complete registration – complete ASAP. If cleared for OVERNIGHT, then cleared for everything below it. Getting cleared takes time.


[10] Team Unify (team website) acct. Make sure your email address is VERIFIED and all other email address are VERIFIED as well. Parents MUST have an acct. All swimmers are members of the acct. Please add your CELL PHONE number and verify that too. Log in >> My Account

[11] Diet during the swim season [a] higher protein (chicken, fish, meat, tofu, etc…) [b] more good fats – avocado, PB, etc… [c] less sugar [d] moderate carbs [e] no fast food [f] Trail mix is a plus (peanuts, almonds, seeds) [g] Water, water, more water – have a water bottle at every practice [h] Chocolate Milk for after workouts [i] no grease [j] make smart choices

[12] Swimmer/Diver Challenge - fundriaser to support our Swim & Dive Program - eTeamSponsor - a representative will be at the parent meeting to explain more

[13] I send many many emails…to a fault, but it keeps everyone informed. If you have questions, please let me know ASAP

[14] All swimmers/diver must have their email added to the team unify acct and VERIFIED

[15] I use the REMIND APP for my classroom and swim team. I have all SWIMMERS to sign up, ask your swimmer if they are signed up yet. Parents may sign up also…TEXT TO: 81010 message @dvswim. I will not get anyone’s cell phone number; you will not get mine. There is no way to reply…this is A ONE WAY message. Mainly if the pool is shut down, I can tell everyone that practice is canceled or modified, etc…

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