Dougherty Valley HS Swimming / Diving Min Requirements to be considered for the team:


  • Swimming is a CUT sport.
  • HS swimming is NOT a place to LEARN how to swim
  • Knowledge of each of the swim strokes, intervals, language, solid foundation are required
  • Minimums:
    • 100Y FR - Women's (Less than/equal to 1:20) Men's (Less than/equal to 1:10)
      • Auto make the team: W (faster than :58) M (faster than :52)
    • 10x50Y FR - Women on 1:00 interval, Men on :50 interval
      • Auto make the team: W on :45 and M :40
    • Swim continuously for 500y without stopping
    • Correctly perform 3 of 4 strokes legally according to NHFS rules
    • Correctly perform a head first entry START off of the block
    • Correctly perform a FLIP TURN for freestyle
    • NOTE: even if a swimmer meets the minimums for CONSIDERATION, it is not a guarantee they will make the team as the number of available spots are limited to approx. 80 (2019)
  • Attendance:
    • Each team member is allowed 3 UNEXCUSED ABSENCES. After 3, any tardy or unexcused absence will result in loss of eligibility for the remainder of the season. Please see Team Policy for specifics
    • If you cannot commit 100% to our team, this team may not be a place for you


  • Is a CUT sport - as long as you put in the work
  • Prior experience a plus, but no experience is required
  • Requirements are a:
    • ​Great Attitude
    • Strong work ethic
    • Willingness to challenge yourself
  • The attendance agreement (Team Policy) above is also for divers
  • Any questions, contact Coach Eric: EMAIL