How to Sync TeamUnify Calendar to Your Google Calendar

You must do this on a Browser, not from the Google Calender App. 

To this on your phone, open up a browser like Chrome and type “” and then choose "desktop" at the bottom of the page for the view.


Notice how there are 2 tabs here, “General” and “Team Events”. To have both calendar tab events on your google calendar, you must do this process for each tab.  


  1. Right now here you see it’s on the General tab.  Click on the Subscribe button


  1. You will see this, then click on the Copy Link button


  1. Open up your Google Calendar in a new tab on your browser.  On the left column you see click on the “ + ” sign in the Other Calendars section, then select “From URL

  1. You should see this.  Paste the link and click on Add Calendar

  1. Click the back arrow from Settings in Google and you should see the calendar pop up.  



  1. Now go back to TeamUnify page and click on the Team Events tab and click Subscribe and repeat steps #2-5 for link to these events.


  1. You should have 2 Google Calendar listings on the left column when you are done. 



  1. To get it on your phone, just make sure in the google calendar app on your phone for these two calendars, the “sync” are turned on.