Attendance Policy:
Our schedule is posted to the TeamUnify website under Team Calendar.  Practice and meet attendance is mandatory for our athletes. Please note that the calendar is subject to change so please review the calendar often.  If your athlete needs to miss a scheduled practice or meet day, please submit the absence via e-mail to the coaching staff. Participating in meets is a privilege that requires preparation. Without being at practice you are not fully prepared to compete. Religious and school based activities, such as band or religion classes, are always excused.
Unexcused absences will be subjected to the following actions.  

  1. 1st Unexcused: athlete will miss their individual event(s) for the following meet.
  2. 2nd Unexcused: athlete will be pulled from the following meet.
  3. 3rd Unexcused: athlete will be pulled from the following two meets and a meeting will be scheduled with the family.
  4. 4th Unexcused: athlete will no longer be part of our team.

Illness: If athletes are ill we require athltes to stay home, rest up and get healthy before participating in practice or meets. If an athlete misses practice due to an illness, they will be pulled from meet events at the coaches discretion. Proper sleep, nutrition and hydration can help athletes avoid illness during the season.

COVID-19: Bengal Athletics will follow all Center for Desiese Control, Minnesota Department of Health and Minnesota State High Schoo League guidelines with regards to Covid-19. We ask atheltes who show ANY sypmtoms of Covid-19 or if a household member is showing symptoms of Covid-19 we ask athletes to stay home. Based on the above guidelines atheltes will be allowed to participate in meets. 

Girls Season Special Events:  We do have practices scheduled for Labor Day weekend and MEA.  Over Labor Day weekend, the Friday before Labor Day weekend is a required practice.  The following Saturday is an optional practice (strongly recommended) and will not be counted as an unexcused absence.  MEA is Wednesday, October 20thth - Saturday, October 22nd. Saturday, October 22nd is our Annual Craft Fair. Varsity athletes will have morning practice. If they make True Team State, Athletes will also participate in True Team State. Participation in the Craft Fair Set Up is mandatory as it is our largest fundraiser and is only 1 day a year.  If you are unable to attend practice over Labor Day weekend or MEA weekend, please submit via e-mail to the coaching staff prior to those dates. 

Attendance is one of the most important components in building team unity as well as team and individual success. There are less than 60 days of in water practice so every practice is essential.  As a coaching staff, we will do everything we can to ensure your athlete has a successful season.  We do understand circumstances arise which are out of your control and we are happy to discuss those as they come up.