Cell Phone Policy: 

The MSHSL has strict rules against having cell phones in locker rooms.  Cell phones are not allowed on deck or in locker rooms and will be collected before all practices and meets. Athletes will place their cell phones in the provided area for practices and meets which will be kept in the office. If an athlete violates the no cell phone rule, disciplinary action will be taken. The first offense will be a verbal warning.  If behavior continues, violations of this rule will be subject to the consequences of Unexcused Absences. 

  1. 1st Violation: athlete will miss their individual events for the next meet.
  2. 2nd Violation: athlete will be pulled from the next meet.
  3. 3rd Violation: athlete will be pulled from the next two meets and a meeting will be scheduled with the family.
  4. 4th Violation: athlete will no longer be part of our team.

With increased texting and camera phones, we feel very strongly about limiting cell phone use on the pool deck.  We feel athletes do not need to use their phones during practice or meets and cell phone use during practice without coach permission may lead to loss of individual events.  Athletes may choose to leave cell phones in their cars at their own risk.  Phone numbers for the pool and coaching staff will be provided in case of emergency.