Competition Policy

Meets: Athletes are expected to be at all meets unless the coaching staff is previously informed. If an athlete needs to miss a meet for any reason, please contact the coaching staff more than 24hrs in advance so necessary line-up adjustments can be made. Athletes may compete in two individual events and two relays, or one individual event and three relays. The max number of events for one meet is four.  The top four times in each individual swimming event will determine the Varsity team. All events and meet participation will be determined by speed, ability, attendance, attitude, our competition and coaches discretion. Athletes are allowed and encouraged to ask questions and may give input but coaches have the final say.

For Diving, the top three athletes per team based on score will be considered Varsity.  The number of dives an athlete competes in may vary meet to meet. Athletes can move from exhibition, JV, and Varsity based on times, attendance, and any disciplinary actions.  We believe athletes are capable of competing at the varsity level and will be given the opportunity to do so. The coaching staff will make intentional decisions regarding varsity competition. 

Invitational Meets: Invitational meets are typically Varsity Only events.  If the coaching staff feels the team and individual will benefit from participating, the athlete will be asked to participate in that specific invitational.

Section Competition: Our Section team is based on the top four athletes in a particular event who have met the qualifying standard for that event.  Section relays are chosen at coach’s discretion after careful thought, discussion and data is assessed. Divers to qualify for Sections by completing an official 11 dive list prior to section competition. Athletes who do not meet a GPA of 2.0 or higher will not participate on the Section Team. Athletes who have violated our zero tolerance policies will not participate. The coaching staff will determine Section events based on a myriad of factors including past performance, attendance, training habits, attitude and an assessment of the team's best chances of scoring. 

State Competition: Our State Team is made up of athletes who qualify for State at the Section Meet by achieving a qualifying time or by placing in the top two of a particular event.  The top four placing divers proceed to State. State relay alternates will be chosen by the coaching staff. Being a state relay alternate is a privilege. State Alternates will be expected to continue to train throughout the state meet.