Team Conduct Policy:

Meets:  Athletes are expected to be a part of the team for the duration of the meet.  Athletes are not allowed to sit in the stands during any part of the meet.  Athletes may visit the stands after the 50 Freestyle and before Diving starts.  This is a 10-15 minute period. Divers will be permitted for a 10-15 minute period after diving has concluded.

Athletes are expected to participate in the set-up of our home meets approximately two hours before the start of the meet. A complete clean up of the pool and locker rooms at home meets is required before the athletes are allowed to leave. 

iPods and other music devices will be allowed on deck during meets to prepare for a race. Using music devices is a privilege and if abused, music devises will be banned from meets. If the coaching staff believes an athlete is not engaged with the team, we will ask them to put their music away for the rest of the meet. Due to cell phones capable of taking pictures, no music may come from a cell phone. Cell phones are to be kept in the phone box during meets.  

Athletes may have healthy, body fueling food during meets.  Please use your best judgment on what type of food your athlete is bringing to meets.  No candy, chips, cookies, pop, etc.  The best foods are crackers, 1 cup of noodles, sandwiches, fruit, vegetables and water. Making healthy choices improves the chances for success at meets. 

Homework will be allowed to be worked on during the diving portion of the meet, but should not prohibit the athlete from cheering for our divers.

Athletes will call their parents once the bus leaves from an away meet to let parents know when to pick them up at Blaine High School.  Parents, out of respect for our coaching staff, please do your best to be waiting at BHS when the bus arrives. 

Practices:  Athletes are expected to be to practice on time. There is a bus from BHS and Roosevelt to ensure athletes arrive at practice on time. Once at practice, we are one team focused on reaching our team and individual goals. Athletes are expected to give their best effort in practice. Our coaching staff will challenge them to be their best selves for the good of the team. Disrespectful, disruptive behavior at practice will promptly be addressed by our coaching staff.

Injury: If your athlete is injured, they will be allowed to rest their injuries based on doctor’s recommendations. If an athlete needs to sit out for more than 10 minutes at a practice, we ask that athlete seeks medical attention. We want to insure all injuries are well cared for and since we are not medical professionals, visiting a doctor will allow the athlete to heal properly.  Athletes sitting on the side become a distraction to our other athletes so we expect this to be limited. Stretching and physical therapy exercise’s need to be completed BEFORE practice starts. Icing sore muscles for 20 minutes after practice may help sore muscles.

Before an athlete may return to competition they must be cleared by a medical doctor, not a chiropractor, to ensure they are fully and properly healed. Without this note the coach staff reserves the right to keep that athlete out of competition to prevent further, more damaging injury. Please submit doctors notes via e-mail to the coaching staff.