Lassiter Swim and Dive has a history of great athletic and academic success, and we maintain a strict academic policy. You are required to be passing all classes during the semester. The consequences for not passing are listed below.

  1. If you are failing ONE class on a progress report, you are placed on academic watch list. You are required to communicate with Coach Hughes on your progress in the course.
  2. If you are failing TWO or more classes on a progress report, you will be required to attend help sessions with your teacher and your progress will be monitored and may include sitting out of meets until grades are up.

It is GHSA policy that if you do not pass at least five of your six classes at the end of the semester, you are ineligible to compete in any sport the next semester. Seniors taking 5 classes, must pass all to remain eligible. Athletes must earn 2.5 credits during the fall semester to continue eligibility in the Spring.