Since athletes are expected to be positive role models in school and in the pool, they are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of Lassiter High School. For the athletes that choose to disobey and, as a result, hurt themselves and the entire team, the coaching staff has selected the following consequences for school-related discipline problems:

  • If a student receives ISS, he or she is suspended from the next meet and is not allowed to participate in any practices or team activities during the time assigned to ISS.
  • If a student receives Saturday School, he or she is not allowed to participate in a meet if scheduled on the same day.
  • If a student is suspended, his or her case will be evaluated individually and may be considered grounds for suspension or dismissal from the team.

Any issues that arise related to misconduct outside of school (inappropriate social media, cyberbullying/harassment, drugs/alcohol, etc) will also result in disciplinary action with the team and consequences will be determined by coaches and if needed, Athletic Director.