For many swimmers, divers, and their parents, this will be your first experience with high school competition. A high school swim meet is broken down into 24 events – 12 for boys, 12 for girls, and including diving – and each event is broken down into heats to allow more swimmers to swim an event. The big difference between high school swimming and summer or recreational league swimming is that there are no guarantees. We swim to win the meet, so everyone may not get to swim every meet and some may just swim one or two events. Each swimmer is allowed to swim in up to four events each meet (include individuals and relays), but no more than two individual events. The fastest swimmers on the team will be scheduled to swim in four events, and the slower swimmers will be used to fill holes in the events. With practice and determination, however, you will have the opportunity to get faster and earn spots in more events later in the season.

Away Meets

The team is fortunate to be able to use county-provided buses to attend away meets. If an athlete rides a bus to an event, he/she is required to ride the bus home as well. The only way an athlete may go home with a parent is if the coach has written permission from the parent.

High School Meet - Order of Events