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The Valleybrook Country Club Gators participate in the Harford County Swim League. The team is open to all swimmers 5-18 years old who can swim one length of the pool freestyle and one length backstroke.  The goal is to have FUN and meet other kids who love to swim!
The season begins the end of May and runs through mid-July. Practices are held weekdays (a mix of mornings and evenings) and there are approximately six meets. Meets will primarily be held on Saturday mornings. We expect there to be six meets this summer. All swimmers do get to participate in meets.

Even though there is a friendly competition between the clubs, the main emphases are on sportsmanship, stroke development, personal achievement and most importantly, having fun. Coaches will work with all the age groups to improve each swimmers’ existing strokes and teach all competitive strokes each swimmer has yet to master. It is expected that all swimmers attend at least three meets during the swim season.

Families are required to volunteer to work swim meets. Volunteer assignments include timers,
runners, stroke & turn officials, and more.  It takes a lot of volunteers to run a meet and every
parent volunteer makes an important contribution. 

Anyone can be a Valleybrook Gator, come out and see for yourself!

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