The Board on Control has approved the establishment of a Sportsmanship, Ethics, and Integrity Award to be given annually to one coach of each OHSAA sanctioned sport.  The award recipients would be selected by the Executive Committee or directive of the respective organizations.  This award will be presented at the High School State Meet.

Suggested Guidelines for selection:

  1. A person who is a positive role model for others.
  2. A person who exemplifies an unwavering commitment to good Sportsmanship.
  3. A person who reflects a high level of ethics and integrity in carrying out all professional responsibilities.
  4. A person who teaches positive values by words and deeds.
  5. A person who, for a number of years, has faithfully served the youth of Ohio.

This award is not to be a coach of the year award.  Rather, it is an opportunity for associations to honor a colleague who reflects the highest degree of professional conduct represented by your organization.

Past Winners   Boys Year Past Winners   Girls
      Jim Starrett 1996-1997       None
      Ken Gipe 1997-1998       Butch Graves
      Ron Grant 1998-1999       Frank Supancic
      Barb Nigh 1999-2000       Jeff Strata
      Dave Rothoff 2000-2001       Bill Reitz
      Jeff Burrows 2001-2002       Jim Callahan
      Gary Layne 2002-2003       Phil Moran
      Sue Slavik 2003-2004       Frank Bartholow
      Mike Griggs 2004-2005       Larry Vocke
      Terry O'Halloran 2005-2006       Carolyn Layne
      Joe Groscost 2006-2007       Stephen Cremean
      Jim Peterfish 2007-2008       Jeff Wobser
      Brian Perry 2008-2009       Cindy Thiessen
      Andy Dugan 2009-2010       Cindy Virdo
      Dan Reinicke 2010-2011       Andrea Sorg
      Dave Wharton 2011-2012       Joe Carroll
      Mackenzie Luce 2012-2013       Renee Contino
      Mike McDonald 2013-2014       Tom Stacy
      Michele Gallagher 2014-2015      award rescinded
      Terry Toaz 2015-2016       Tim Croy
      Dennis Beck 2016-2017       Brenda Wherley
      Todd Boyle 2017-2018       Dave Wharton
      Anthony Petruzzi 2018-2019       Dave Eisenstein
       Mike Davidson 2019-2020       Jeff Riegler
       No Award 2020-2021       No Award
       Mike de Bear 2021-2022       Nick Levi