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How Swim Meets Work

Dual Meets

Dual Meets are head-to-head match-ups with another team from our division.  Most meets begin between 8:15am and 8:30am.  In the hour before the start, each team is given time to warm-up in the pool, so swimmers need to arrive well before the actual start time.  Specific info for each meet is sent out via email and posted online in the days prior to the meet.

Meets usually last around 3.5 - 4 hours, depending upon the size of the other team.

All Swimmers compete in dual meets - except for those who are new/still learning and not ready for meets yet, which the coaches will determine.  For each event, each team can enter 3 swimmers in the "live" heat that counts for points.  Afterward, there are often "exhibition" heats which are timed, and earn ribbons, but don't count for points.  This allows all swimmers to participate. 

Meet attendance is very important.  Each family will be able to use our website to declare their availability for each dual meet. Please text or email Justin if a last minute emergency prevents you from swimming, no matter how late on Friday night or early on Saturday morning.

Races are held in 5 different age groups: 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18.  Boys and girls compete separately but the overall score includes both.

What to bring

2 towels per swimmer
Chairs/blankets to sit on
racing suit (wear it to the meet)
Goggles and cap (cap optional for boys) - Heatherfield Team Cap if you have one
Extra goggles and caps if you have them
Sharpie for writing down swimmers' events on their hand/arm
warm clothes to wear between races
EZ-up shade canopy (if you have one)
things to do - games, cards, books, music, toys, etc.

There will be down time between races, but that allows for games and socializing.  Parents usually sit along the side of the pool in chairs (bring your own), while most swimmers sit farther from the pool, on blankets/towels under large canopies.  Parents of younger swimmers often sit with them under their shade tent, then help them get to their events on time before watching them swim.

Some pools have bleachers for parents.  But in most cases you will need to bring chairs of your own.

Parent volunteers are needed to help meets run smoothly - please donate your time to help out!  Also, please help us keep the pool area clean by picking up after yourself and cleaning up your area before you leave.

Order of events: (each starts with 8 & unders, then moves up to older age groups)

1. Medley relays (depending on the week)
2. Individual Medleys (each swimmer swims 4 laps, one of each stroke)
            all age groups except 8 & unders
3. Freestyle (one lap for 8 & unders, 2 for everyone else)
4. Backstroke (ditto)
5. 100 Freestyle (4 laps) - all age groups except 8 & unders
6. Breaststroke (one lap for 8 & unders, 2 for everyone else)
7. Butterfly (one lap for 8 & unders, 2 for everyone else)
8. Freestyle relays (depending on the week)

What events are my kids swimming at a meet?

On Friday mornings at practice, Justin will usually have a tentative lineup posted.  This is subject to change and often does, but is a good estimate.

Depending on the week, an updated lineup and/or meet program is sometimes emailed out Friday night.

When you arrive to the meet, the final lineup will be posted that shows which events your swimmers are entered in.  At first it will just show the event # they are in, plus a description (for example, Event #11, Boys 9-10 100 Individual Medley).  At some point before the meet starts, the full program will be posted that includes the heat and lane number each swimmer will be in for each of their events.

Especially for young swimmers, we need parents to help get their swimmers to the designated team gathering area as their events approach.  Parents of younger swimmers, and older swimmers themselves, are responsible for listening to the event numbers and ensuring that you are at the gathering area several events before each swim.  From there we will have parents and coaches helping to get them into the right lane at the right time.

At each meet we will have a sign, announcements, or some way of showing you where the team gathering area is.

For most meets, each swimmer is limited to 3 individual events and one relay (new swimmers might swim in fewer events until they learn all the strokes).   For dual meets, Coach Justin determines the lineup based on each swimmer's strengths and the lineup that gives the team the best opportunity to score the maximum number of points.  A great deal of time and effort goes into the lineup, especially for close meets.  Swimmers will sometimes be asked to swim events they don't like, all we ask is that you do your best.  If there are events you'd like to try, let Justin know and he'll do his best to accommodate you, but the best interests of the team must come first.


- In relays, 1st place receives 8 points, 2nd place 4 points and 3rd place 2 points.
- For individual events, 1st = 6 points, 2nd = 4 points, 3rd = 3 points, 4th = 2 points, and 5th = 1 point.

When can we leave?

Once a swimmer has completed all of their events, they are free to leave the meet.  Please check in with Coach Justin first, just to be sure that your swimmer has no further events (this is especially important during weeks when we swim relays at the end of the meet.)


Swimmers receive ribbons for each event they swim at meets.  Those ribbons will be distributed at practice starting on the Monday after the meet.  Their will be file boxes with folders for each family outside the pool gate, and ribbons will be placed there.


Invitational Meets

Invitational meets are optional meets held throughout the year and differ from dual meets in several ways. 

* They include multiple teams. 
* Swimmers get to choose which individual events they want to swim. 

* They all charge a small entry fee per event entered (usually around $3 - $4 per event). 
* Several have a specific theme (all relays, 10&younger only, novice swimmers only, etc) 

While they are not required, we strongly encourage swimmers to attend one or more invitationals.  They can be beneficial in many ways:  allowing swimmers to try new events, improve their times, and earn ribbons and trophies for themselves and the team.   Invitationals can be a lot of fun and the experience gained can help swimmers feel more comfortable at the championship meets at the end of the season.  One or more Heatherfield coaches will be present at the meets unless otherwise noted.