Congrats on a great 2022 season!   See you next Summer!

Records and Top 20 times updated 8-1-22


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1. Close-knit team, fun family atmosphere

*We aren’t just a swim team, we’re a big family!   Swimmers return year after year and continue to grow and improve……and most of our coaches are current or former Heatherfield swimmers, most of them for 10+ years.          

* Heatherfield is a very supportive, family-oriented program with great team spirit and sportsmanship

* Fun team activities like picnics, game days, drag day (swimming in costumes), donut Fridays, Mt. Gretna trip, penny dive, etc


 2. Quality Coaching and Individual attention

* Head Coach Justin Spitzer has been with Heatherfield as a swimmer or coach since the team began in 1985.  He handles most team communication, streamlining that process for families.

* Large, talented, and experienced
 coaching staff (12+ assistants) allows for small group and individual instruction.

 * We have 4 different practice levels (each with their own practice time) based on age/ability, and within each level we separate swimmers further into 3 or more groups

* Younger swimmers usually have 1 coach per lane, often with the coach in the water with them


3. Challenging, but balanced, practices
* Pool practices include both technique instruction (including starts and turns) and endurance/speed workouts

* Multiple practice groups allow us to have practices that are "just-right" for each swimmer, so that they are placed with others of similar ability levels

* Dry-land workouts 3 days a week for level 2, 3, and 4 swimmers

* Variety of workouts, including "cross-swim" sets that include both swimming and land exercises

* Training tools such as dragsox, paddles, parachutes, etc

* We work hard, but have a lot of fun too; one of greatest strengths is striking a good balance.

 4. Technology

* Digital pace clocks - Easier for swimmers to see/read during workouts and track their times & intervals
* Use of video taping at practice for stroke instruction/correction           

* Relay Exchanges - using digital start platform, clock, and touchpad

* measures time between one relay swimmer hitting wall and next swimmer leaving block, to improve timing

* here's a link to a video demo:


5. Team and Individual Success

* We've been in the MPSL "A" Division since 2005 and have finished 2nd (out of 35 teams) at the Mid-Cap championship meet each of the last 5 seasons.

* We often have the most swimmers at All-Stars and Mid-Caps - including 107 and 67 in 2019 respectively - and our swimmers and relays have set All-Star and Mid-Cap records


   Drag Day!