Congrats on a great 2022 season!   See you next Summer!

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Interested in Winter Swimming?? 


Heatherfield is a summer-only team; our season runs from late May to late July.  But there are many winter swimming options in the area.

Winter swimming is an excellent way to improve your technique and endurance while having fun and making new friends.  The summer season is very brief, so the extra practice in the winter can make a big difference.  Typically, the winter season runs from September until February, though longer for those who do USA swimming and/or spring clinics.  Meets are usually just once or twice a month, and many teams offer flexible practice options - as many as 5 days a week or as little as 2 in some cases.

Many swimmers who swim year-round improve significantly as a result.  

Here are a few winter swim teams in the area that have some Heatherfield swimmers, listed in alphabetical order:


 Friendship YMCA:
  ( Colonial Park )  

            LPAC practices at the Friendship YMCA  off Devonshire Road (near Best Buy).

Jewish Community Center (JCC) -

            JCC swims at 3301 N Front St, Harrisburg, PA 17110.  You don't have to be a member in order to join the swim team.  For more info, please email Coach Justin and he can give you the email address of their coach.

Palmyra Aquatic Club -

            PAC swims at Palmyra High School

West Shore  (Camp Hill)  

 If you would like more details about each program or have questions about winter swimming and which program might be best for your swimmer, feel free to contact Coach Justin.  He can also put you in touch with families who currently swim with the programs above and/or their coaches.