Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right.       

- Henry Ford


Justin Spitzer

The Mid Penn Swim League has announced that there will be no swim meets this summer. However, we are happy to announce that we will still be holding practices! This summer we will be practicing at Penn Colonial pool, 100 Elmwood Drive, Harrisburg PA from June 15 - August 7. Our practice schedule will be modified this summer - please see our practices page for details: https://www.teamunify.com/team/rechst/page/schedules/practice-schedule

Justin Spitzer

We hope all of you are safe and healthy! This is a time of great uncertainty in the world with the spread of the coronavirus. Obviously we don't know what the situation will be at the end of May when summer swimming would normally begin. For now, we are planning/hoping for a summer season. It's possible that the season could be delayed/shortened or cancelled; the league will make a decision sometime in mid/late May. Obviously safety is the first priority, but we are hopeful we will be able to swim...


We are proud to announce that our new website is officially live! Heatherfield Swim Team has partnered with TeamUnify to bring our business a brand new look! We will now use the website for meet attendance declarations, meet entry for invitationals, volunteer sign-ups, and enhanced team communication. You will also have the ability to view and track your swimmer(s) results. Welcome to the new swimheatherfield.org!

Justin Spitzer

2019 Mid Cap Swimming Championships at the Palmyra Community Pool Combined Team Scores Place Team Points =================================================================== 1 Hershey Aquatic Club HAC 1382...