Woodcreek Aquatics

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Welcome to Woodcreek High School Swim + Dive Team 


About us:

  1. Swimmers - the Roseville Aquatics Complex (RAC) is our home pool. 

  2. Divers - Oakmont High School is your home pool. We're happy to share more information.

  3. Swim and Dive season at Woodcreek H.S. is a Spring Sport

  4. Some of the information and links shared here - may only pertain to Season 2022 (School Year 2021-22)

  5. JV squads are no-cut, while Varsity does require more qualifications.

  6. All disclosures related to Woodcreek H.S. Athletics please click here to view the Woodcreek High School "Athletics" page

Where and when do swim meets and practices take place?

  1. Our home pool is adjacent to Woodcreek High School at the Roseville Aquatics Complex (RAC) and our program is able to host many large events. We take great pride in our program and have a strong volunteer environment. 

  2. Schedule: please see the "Calendar" tab and watch the "News" tab (or home page) for upcoming items, updates, and locations of meets and times. Some items can be subject to last-minute changes. 

  3. Swim meets are on Wednesdays at 4pm

  4. Invitationals often occur on Friday on Saturday.

  5. Timed Trials: Thursday 2/24/22 at 4pm (see News on home page)

  6. Practice times: ​JV Squad + Non-4th Period Athletes: practice is from 3-445pm every weekday (Spring season)

  7. Practice times: Varsity is during their "academic P.E." period.

  8. Please note some high schools do have their meets off-site at their local Aquatics Park - so do check in with coaches where meets are taking place.

  9. Schedule: please see the "Calendar" tab on the menu to see all current events (and athletes please add to your schedule)

How do I join the Woodcreek H.S. swim or dive team?

  1. Please fill out the "join the team" tab and talk with one of our coaches (don't be shy on follow-up or come to the pool deck after school)

  2. Athletic Clearance: in advance of any practice or meet - you must complete your "Athletic Clearance" - Woodcreek High School Website (click here)

Reminders for Student Academic Schedules

  1. There are occasional meets / events that require early departure / excused absences from school. Our head coach is in charge of issuing the excused absences. Any questions or concerns - coach is happy to chat with you. 

  2. All athletes are expected to sign off on their player / coach handbook.

What if I already swim for another club?

  1. Do you swim for another group? Talk to Coach D'Arienzo directly to find a resolve that works for you and your schedule. 

  2. We know many athletes are part of other clubs, including those for water polo. Again, talk to Coach D'Arienzo so all parties are aware of your commitments and no assumptions are made to your schedule and availability.

  3. Communication: if you can't make a meet, event, or have challenges with practice times - chat with Coach in advance. Setting teams and registration is challenging without knowing who is available. 

Reminders for Student Academic Schedules

  1. Varsity squads do often take a course during the school day (athletic P.E.) and practice before/during school hours, while JV squads practice after school. 

  2. Varsity squad and setting schedules - have a conversation with the coaches so your next year's schedule and expectations can be managed properly. Avoid assumptions - have that conversation.

  3. There are occasional meets that require early departure / excused absences. Our head coach is in charge of issuing the excused absences. Any questions or concerns - coach is happy to chat with you. 

  4. All athletes are expected to sign-off on their player / coach handbook.

If I have other questions, who can I contact?

  1. Coach contact information for Swim and Dive or for our Aquatics Board (see the tab for "Contact Coaches + Board or click here)

Volunteers, Alumni, and Aquatics Board

  1. Any alumni wishing to come back and help with our program - please do so - we would love your mentorship and involvement.

  2. We are only as strong as our volunteers and if you're interested in joining our Aquatics Board for Water Polo and Swim + Dive Season - please contact us. Aquatics Board meets typically the first Tuesday evening of the month at 6pm (location TBD*)

  3. Interested in Volunteering? See our Volunteer Tab under "swim" for the job descriptions and opportunities + watch the home page "News" section for Sign-Up Genius. 

  4. We do try to have a "training day" right at the start of the season, but don't let that deter you - we can have someone mentor you at the table. 

  5. If you would like to donate to our program - we are most grateful! Please see our Aquatics Board contact info.

Welcome to Woodcreek Aquatics and thank you for your interest in our program!