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Swim Season Volunteers

Our program is run solely with the help of our volunteers.

Watch our News Section right before Meets + Games for Sign-Up Genius for Volunteering

Swim Season (Spring)

We will train people to help with these jobs on Thursday 2/24 at 345/4pm during Time Trials. Please don't be shy - we really appreciate if you come forward to volunteer. If you don't see the job you can fill - please let us know what you're great at and comfortable handling.

Swim Season Meet - Volunteer / Job Descriptions

  1. Computer help: 2 different jobs with training and support while you do it

  2. Colorado: can you push 3 buttons? This is for you! This is the best seat in the house too. (we need a lot of volunteers here)

  3. Meet manager: 

  4. Head Timer: Can you push two stopwatch start buttons at the same time? This easy job is for you!

  5. Runner: Can you carry papers and walk fewer than 25 yards in one go? Great! We need you to pick up papers from people and take them to other people. (very old-school, nothing electronic)

NO Training Needed Positions

  1. Timers: Just like it sounds. 1. Verify that the swimmer's name matches your list (before the race). 2. Start a stopwatch at the starter's signal 3. Stop it when the swimmer touches the wall 4. Write down the time. Done!

  2. Hospitality: Are you good at handling Dixie cups? Can you push a cart that weighs very little? We're not kidding; it's that easy! We need hands to deliver snacks to the other workers who stay at their stations. 

  3. Snack bar: We need people who can sell pre-packaged snacks to customers and are able to make change for those purchasing the snacks. Go ahead and count on your fingers. We won't judge. 


Watch the "News" Section for "Sign-Up Genius" for Specific Event Volunteer Sign-Ups

Water Polo Season (Fall)

Team Parents / Guardians for JV and Varsity Teams

Aquatics Board Positions

Gate Entry - Collecting Payments

Score Board


Interested in becoming an official? (click here) - talk to Coach D'Arienzo for RJUHSD items.

Central Zone referee head: https://usawaterpolo.org/sports/2018/11/28/members-contacts-resources-html.aspx

Watch the "News" Section for "Sign-Up Genius" for Specific Event Volunteer Sign-Ups