Woodcreek High School Water Polo, Swim and Dive

Scholarship paperwork

The purpose of the WAC Scholarship Program is to ensure that no student athlete is denied the
opportunity to fully participate in water polo, swimming or diving at Woodcreek High School
(WAC Sport) for reasons related to the direct costs of participation.

A WAC Scholarship Award is an award of items and/or funds to cover the necessities of
participating in a WAC sport. Items may include team suits, uniforms, team clothing, training
devices and the like. Funds may include payment for transportation, lodging and meal
allowances for out of area tournaments or meets. Items and funds awarded are within the full
discretion of the Discretionary Qualification Committee and may vary from student to student
based upon need.

if you and/or your athlete are interested, please fill out the attched paperwork and give to your Coach