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#1 - 1st section is "2022 Season" Info
#2 - "F.A.Q." section (scroll down)
Roseville Aquatics Complex 
3051 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd, Roseville CA 95747

2022 Season Info

9/25 Update

Some of the text below are hyperlinks*. Before texting coaches - athletes and team parents - please see the "News" section and "Calendar" for updates. 

- Keep pushing the Snap-Raise Fundraisers, athletes! (if emails annoy - please see blottom of emails to "modify email settings")
- 9/26 and 9/29 - Game Day wear your game day polos to school (black) - we have away games at Inderkum + Granite Bay
Inderkum has a NEW pool - plug in "North Natomas Aquatics Complex" for directions - it is right near Inderkum HS.
- 9/30-10/1 Varsity Girls "Grizzly Invite" at American River College (see the "News" section for more info)
- 9/30-10/1 JV Boys at Del Oro JV tournament  (see the "News" section for more info - be mindful of Friday parking)
- 10/10 Rio Americano Rescheduled for 10/10 - Pink-Out Game!
- Coach D'Arienzo's "Early [school] Release" link (menu item under "Calendar") - coach issues Early Release, but it's the athlete's responsibility to warn teachers AND remind them. Scroll across to see all dates.
- Athletes for ALL four squads - JOIN GOOGLE classroom! (there's two - one for the boys and one for the girls)
- Unless otherwise instructed, assume be at all games one-hour in advance of game starts. Be mindful and respectful of host schools on Friday game days. We are guests and you also don't want to get towed.


See Coach D'Arienzo or Coach Carrigan's "Coach Corner" for specific practice changes*

Normal Practices*

  • Varsity 
    • VG: 1st period •• Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 630am-920am • Wed (late start): 730am-1015am
    • VB:  4th period 
  • Junior Varsity
    • ​JVB Practice (normal): 345-515pm (watch for "chalk talk days) 
    • JVG Practice (normal): 430-6pm (pool clean-up may pad some extra time + watch for "Chalk Talk" days

Games + Tournaments


Communication - Parents / Guardians + Athletes

  • Sunday Coach's Corner Updates will come from team parents to parents/guardians
    • If you don't read Coach's Corner - you may be missing important items.
    • Not on any emails from team parents? Check your spam folder and check in with team parent
  • Athletes - Join Google Classroom - talk to coaches or appropriate team parent if you need a code or help.
  • Miss a practice or a game or will be missing one? Warn your coaches as a courtesy to our hard working coaches!
  • Game changes - date or time - team parents will relay as soon as they can (but all have other obligations + jobs), athletes should be relaying to you updates
  • Coach D'Arienzo issues early release items to student teachers.

Fundraiser Updates

  • Silent Auction Items Needed for WAC Adult Social (link) connect with Suki Eaves: gift cards, baskets, artwork, services, vacation, tickets to events, etc.
  • 9/15/22 - 2nd Annual: WAC Adult Social - BUY your tickets this fundraiser supports your athletes and the aquatics program (auction, live music, and fundraiser - last year's event was a blast) - 6-9pm at Legends - coaches, alumni, parents, grandparents, and guardians are welcome! This is an adult event.

Woodcreek Aquatics Board (WAC) + Volunteers

  • Connect with Coaches, Team Parents, and WAC Board Members (click here)
  • Volunteering and Sign-Up Genius (and updates) - Watch the "News" Section and Coach's Corner.
    • If you see on the calendar a game, scrimmage, or tournament at our HOME POOL - you can assume a Sign-Up Genius is coming on either Sunday or Monday for that week (from team parent)
    • Each squad will need volunteers for each position - we have folks to help train you - just ask.
  • Aquatics Board Meeting (usually around 1st of the month) 
  • NEW - WAC BOARD POSITIONS: two positions to be filled: (we're happy to review what each job entails) 
    • Snack Bar/Concession Coordinator 
    • Equipment Manager for Water Polo and Swim Season

​Other Dates:

  • 10/4 or 10/11/22: Team and Individual Photos (tentative - may change) 
  • 10/5 - Senior Night - Now Bella Vista Home Game (Antelope games are scratched)
  • 9/3 - Be aware some game time starts changed for some squads (see above under "Athlete Reminders")

Gear + Swim Suits

  • All Gear and Suit Orders are now closed (8/18)
  • Need a temporary or plain suit - please talk to the team parents for suggestions. Kap7, SwimOutlet, Amazon, and many other places can be a solution for a plain black suit for those joining late. 
  • Once orders are in for distribution - team parents will be in touch - everyone knows we're all anxious to get the new suits and gear - we all get excited!


#2 - FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Water Polo is a Fall sport at Woodcreek High School. More accurate info starts becoming available in early August, re: try-outs, practices, and Fall game schedules when all items are finalized. 

  2. We boast many successful years in the sport of water polo - JV and Varsity squads for boys and girls, along with occasionally having a separate freshman squad. We are quite proud of our program and we would love to have you join us!

  3. Woodcreek High School Athletics conference: Capital Valley Conference (CVC)

  4. All disclosures related to Woodcreek H.S. Athletics please click here to view

  5. Our program is run by coaches, aquatics board, and volunteers - we really would love your involvement

  6. JV Water Polo is a no-cut sport. It helps to have a swim background or club water polo background, but know we welcome all and we have many successful players who come with sometimes minimal experience. 

  7. Varsity does involve try-outs. Varsity Girls are 1st period; Varsity Boys are 4th period - so it involves talking to Coach D'Arienzo about class structure and approval.

Connect with Us

  1. If you're interested in water polo as a student-athlete - connect with Coach D'Arienzo or the appropriate team parent. If the off-season, then follow up once we get closer to the beginning of the season.

  2. The first step - have a current athletic health clearance for Woodcreek H.S. Use the *CURRENT* Woodcreek HS form for your physician to sign - or your form WILL be rejected (see Athletic Clearance page for forms and instructions)You cannot practice nor participate in games without this completed AND approved.

  3. ** Watch the NEWS section ** for updates (more info coming as the season nears and begins - watch for changes).

  4. Athletes - join Google Classroom for Water Polo - contact Coach D'Arienzo to be added - so you can be aware of games, practices, tournaments, and last-minute changes. 

  5. On the "contact coaches + board" tab on our website, you'll find current/past team parents' contact info that can help point you in the right direction. For boys squads, write Coach D'Arienzo and girls, Coach Kelsey Carrigan. See coaches and team parent info here. Do not be shy about follow-up - but do allow a day or two for a response. 

  6. Join our Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/WHSAquatics/

  7. Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/WoodcreekAquaticsClub

  8. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClubAquatics

Where and when do water polo matches and practices take place?

  1. Our home pool is adjacent to Woodcreek High School at the Roseville Aquatics Complex (RAC) and our program is able to host many large events. We take great pride in our program and have a strong volunteer environment. 

  2. Games are primarily within our league, but some are outside our league and can vary from year to year, along with traveling for tournaments on occasion.

  3. See the above section for "current year practice times" - be aware coach may make specific changes if there's a game that day that interferes with practice.

Where can I improve my water polo skills?

  1. Are you're looking to join a "water polo" club team - there are quite a few great local clubs that have intros to water polo and also competitive options to sharpen your water polo skills - Sacramento Water Polo Club and American River Water Polo Club, along with California Republic, and a few others. Many with free options to try out a class or two.

  2. Many of our coaches do also work at other local water polo clubs or in the off-season, coach swim - so don't be shy to chat with them in person. You can find the contact info for our current coaches under the "contact coaches + board" tab. 

  3. In past years, even the City of Roseville had an intro class that went for two weeks, but it could be included in a "Sea Lion" city course as the "Thursday" swim day being water polo. Our goal is to have a splash ball and intro to water polo class in the future during Summer.

Reminders for Student Academic Schedules

  1. Varsity squads do take a course during the school day (athletic P.E.) and practice before/during school hours, while JV squads practice after school. 

  2. Varsity squad and setting schedules - have a conversation with the coaches so your next year's schedule and expectations can be managed properly. Avoid assumptions - have that conversation.

  3. There are occasional games / events / tournaments that require early departure / excused absences. Our head coach is in charge of issuing the excused absences. Any questions or concerns - coach is happy to chat with you. 

  4. All athletes are expected to sign-off on their player / coach handbook.

How long does the season go?

  1. The JV season typically finishes at the end of October, with Varsity squads possibly playing into the first part of November. 

  2. Schedules for the Regular CVC League: CVCleague.com (game dates + times - subject to adjustment). Then we have non-league games - TBD. Tournaments are a separate item that sometimes involves all squads and some are solely varsity tourneys. Once schedule is confirmed - please watch our calendar and "News" section for updates. Day of changes - it can happen and we know it's a pain - we do all we can to warn of changes - but it is the responsibility of athletes to watch for Coach communication, not team parents. 

  3. For CIF (post-season play - varsity) - here is access to that website

History and success of the program

  1. We have had many successful and strong teams over the years and we would love to have you part of our squad! 

  2. Our coaches are happy to share past year wins and successes and what we do as a program to cultivate a winning and happy culture for our student athletes.

  3. We do our best to build a culture of inclusion for all athletes, along with team-building events, and fundraisers. 

Volunteers, Alumni, and Aquatics Board

  1. Any alumni wishing to come back and help with our program - please do so - we would love your mentorship and involvement.

  2. We are only as strong as our volunteers and if you're interested in joining our Aquatics Board for Water Polo and Swim + Dive Season - please contact us.  Aquatics Board meets typically the first Tuesday evening of the month at 6pm (location TBD*)

  3. Volunteering to score keep, time clocks, and scoreboard - we can never have enough help here to relieve the regulars. If you're a past polo player, have polo experience, or simply want to learn how to help - know our crew will train you. We would love your help.

  4. We will be adding "Sign-Up" genius volunteer opportunities typically the Sunday before games for volunteer opportunities. Again, watch the News section on the home page of our website (the one you're on)

  5. We do try to have a "training day" right at the start of the season, but don't let that deter you - we can have someone mentor you at the table. 

  6. If you would like to donate to our program - we are most grateful! Please see our Aquatics Board contact info.