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Water Polo Season Volunteers

Our program is run solely with the help of our volunteers.

Watch our News Section right before Meets + Games for Sign-Up Genius for Volunteering

Water Polo (Fall)

Typically when we need volunteers (non-Board roles) a "Sign-Up" genius will go out on the Sunday before events.

Please do not let "lack of understanding the sport" hold you back from signing up - we have an awesome crew of folks who are willing to train and be patient with you. Typically the scrimmages at the beginning of the season will be opportunities for training - please don't be shy. 

Our club program is run by volunteers. 

#1 Volunteer Positions /  WAC Board Member Roles

"Woodcreek Aquatics Club" (WAC) Board Positions - See Positions here (we have vacancies)

Team Parents / Guardians for Girls + Boys JV and Varsity Teams (Board Member Role) - we welcome co-team parent set-ups too!

#2 Volunteer Positions / NON-WAC Board Member Roles

Each squad (VB, VG, JVG, JVB) has FIVE positions to cover:

1 Scoreboard

2 Game + Shot Clock (video link)

3 Scorebook (video link here to help get you jumpstarted)

4 Video Filming of Game

5 Gate (we recommend you volunteer for a game that is NOT your athlete's squad)

Water Polo Officials

Interested in becoming an official? (click here) - talk to Coach D'Arienzo for RJUHSD items.

Central Zone referee head: https://usawaterpolo.org/sports/2018/11/28/members-contacts-resources-html.aspx

Watch the "News" Section for "Sign-Up Genius" for Specific Event Volunteer Sign-Ups

Contact information for our Aquatics Board, Coaches, and Team Parents - Click Here

We volunteer for our athletes to have an amazing aquatics experience for the short time they're in high school.

It's an honor to have such an amazing facility as our HOME pool. With that honor comes responsibility