Reimbursements and how they are handled:

The Walton S&D Booster Club will reimbursement an individual for those expenses that have been incurred, for a committee position, on behalf of the Walton S&D team.   

All board members, coaches, chairs, booster club members or anyone else who is requesting a reimbursement from the Walton S&D Booster Club must follow the steps below:

Reimbursement Instructions:
  • A Reimbursement Form must be filled out and completed. 
  • The reimbursement form is found by clicking on the link below.
  • All receipts must be submitted so we can budget accordingly for the following season.
  • A credit card receipt will not be accepted as a receipt
  • ALL reimbursements MUST be submitted to your assigned VP, who is responsible for helping you in your chaired position.
  • If you are a chair for multiple committees and you are over seen by 2 different VP’s, a separate reimbursement form must be filled out for each VP and each committee…this also helps the treasurer allocate the appropriate amounts to correct category within our budget
  • The VP will review it, sign it, and send it to the treasurer, who will cut a check and mail it to you.
  • Checks will be cut twice a month, so please plan accordingly:
    • 1st and 15th of each month

Reimbursement Form

Request check for cash box instructions:
  1. Complete this Check Request Form For Cash Box for the beginning cash box amount needed (this will document the requested check, from the booster club, for the Treasurer’s purposes).
  2. Submit this form to your VP once it is completed.
  3. Treasurer will write a check out to the chairperson of the event for the beginning cash box balance.
  4. Treasurer will give the check to the chairperson, instruct chairperson to:
    1. Cash the check at their bank
    2. Ask for a cashed receipt from the bank (something that shows that you cashed the check with the bank)
    3. Give treasurer the cashed receipt
    4. Bring the cash to the event
  5. Treasurer then attaches the cash receipt from the bank to the Check Request Form For Cash Box.

Check Request For Cash Box Form

Deposit Cash Box Instructions:
  1. Have 1 other individual, other than the chairperson, verify the actual amount of cash in the cash box and sign the form by the Beginning Cash Float Amount.
  2. At the end of the event, have 2 other individuals, other than the chairperson, count, ​record and verify the money denominations on the Money Deposit Form.
  3. These individuals then need to return the cash box, with all of the money and the Money Deposit Form to the chairperson.
  4. The chairperson then removes the cash box start balance income from the event money earned.
  5. The chairperson then completes a separate Money Deposit Form for the beginning Cash Box amount (this will document the reason for the deposit back into the booster club bank account, for the Treasurer’s purposes).
  6. The chairperson then “adjusts” the total of the meet deposit and initials the adjustment to reflect the actual amount that was brought in from the event (the beginning cash box balance removed).
  7. The Treasurer will deposit all monies and will document these deposits separately:
    1. One as Cash Box Re-deposit and not as actual income from your event. 
    2. Actual income earned from the event.

Money Deposit Form