Team dues help cover team t-shirts, team swim caps, all team supplies, pool rental fees for practice, official fees, meet entry fees, replacement of equipment as needed, snacks for meets, awards, breakfast meetings, kick-off dinner, end-of-season banquet costs and other items to help support the team, with board approval. 

Please pay team dues and deposits with separate checks the night of the Pot Luck Dinner.  If needed, please talk to our head coach, Ty Vernon, if you are interested in being on the team and are in need of financial assistance. We don't want you to miss out on competing in the pool and having a great time.

Team Dues are as follows:

Type of Athlete


Non year round swimmer/diver 

  • Space is limited by lanes and you will be able to swim at team practices


Year round USA swimmer/diver

  • Space is limited by lanes and YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to swim at team practices


Refundable Family Volunteer Deposit (This will be returned at the End of the Season Awards Banquet if, your family met the required volunteer obligation. Board members and Chairs are exempt from providing a Volunteer Deposit Check)


Equipment Bag:  For swimmers without their own equipment. Includes Fins, Hand paddles, kick board, and pull/leg buoy.  The athlete will keep the equipment.

Order on


Please make ALL checks payable to: WALTON SWIM & DIVE BOOSTER CLUB, INC.


New this season, we will be using We have a team store where you can purchase team suits, team warm ups and custom team gear.  You may also purchase goggles, fins, technical suits, etc. through will also price match items that are not Walton custom items.  Click on this link,, to be sure that you are within our team store.  The booster club will receive a small percentage on most items purchased through the Walton Swim & Dive Team store.  For year round athletes, you can purchase your swim and dive needs through our store while supporting the Walton S&D team...thank you!!! offers FREE shipping on all orders of $49+ and FREE 1-2 Day Shipping on $99+

ALL team members are required to have a team suit!  You DO NOT need to purchase one every year.  You can use the one you used the year before:)

Athletes with State Cuts:  If you need/want a team suit, we STRONGLY encourage you to order your team swim suit ASAP so it will arrive in time for the first meet.

Athletes who need to try-out:  Once the team roster is posted on October, 21st and you are confirmed on the team, place your order that same day!!!

Female suits have 3 different styles. Male suits have 2 different styles.  Athletes can choose any option. All suits are black and come with the a heat press team diamond logo.


  • To make sure you are getting the correct size, click on Sizing Chart.
  • Go to the middle of the page, you will see Women, Men, Youth and Kids categories.  Click on Swimwear/apparel under your correct category. 
  • Jammers are sized by measuring just above the hips and rounding up to the nearest even inch. 

Once the order has been placed, the order is then final!  You cannot return custom order items, so be sure you have ordered the correct size!!!

Additional Costs:

Required costs in addition to the Team Dues:

Optional items for purchase:

Team swimsuit (Required for new athletes)

Boys can either purchase a jammer or a brief swimsuit (prices roughly cost between $35.00 and $50.00)

Girls can purchase swimsuits with different back/strap options (prices roughly cost $55.00 and $70.00)


Spirit wear:  2 Categories

  1. Seasonal Spirit Wear:   This can be purchased at the Pot Luck Kick Off Dinner in October…this will be the ONLY opportunity to purchase this season's spirit wear (i.e. team shirt, hoodie or fleece jacket). This spirit wear design changes every season.
  2. Team Store Staples:  This is custom team wear and gear that you can order through our team store at This is available for purchase any time of the year, all year long. These items will not change from season to season. 

Coaches Highly Recommend Warm-Ups (used for travel to and from meets...these range from $90 - $100)

Extra team swim caps ($14)

Fins (swimmers only…these range from $23 and up)

Car magnets ($6)

Black Practice Suit (used only for practices, girls must use a one piece suit…these range from $25 and up)

Lanyards ($5)


Towels (use towels from home)

Team Photo ($10)


Yard Signs ($10)

The booster club will place Seasonal Spirit Wear orders, from the Pot Luck Dinner, with our vendor, and then distribute the spirit wear to the athletes once we receive the spirit wear.  There is about a two-week turn around time on spirit wear.  Once the order has been placed, the order is then final! 

Team Equipment:

Required equipment

NOT provided by the booster club

Required equipment

Can be purchased on

Team swimsuit

Required for new athletes, used for meets only

Mesh swim bag

Black Practice Suit 

Used only for practices, girls must use a one piece suit

Kick board 


Pull/leg buoy


Swimmers only, it is always a good idea to have 2 pairs…one as a back up in case the first pair break

Hand paddles and Fins 

You will be sized at the Potluck


Needed for hydration throughout practices and meets

Team swim cap

Swimmers only…athlete can keep the cap