2020-2021 Captains

Lily Gauntt

Kaitlyn Kell

Sammi Kiel

Alex Krupp

Emma Thorogood

Daniel Willis

Aryn Wright

Elizabeth Isakson

Connor Snow


2019-2020 CAPTAINS (See past captains below)

Abby Belinski

Sophie Beaudet

Andrew Cameron

Ursula Cole

Abby Cushing

Isabella Decker

Rose Ferguson

Jazzy Hoffmann

Zach Logan

Vivi Lu

Wyatt Pitts

Jace Thompson


Being a team captain is an honor.  You are expected to set good examples of work ethic, team building, and help make this experience fun for you and others on the team. Your responsibilities are set below but not limited to this.  The coaches will

  • Be a leader and a positive role model
  • Fulfill all responsibilities and duties assigned to you by the coaches
  • Attend all mandatory meetings
  • Send text message reminders to your group of athletes regarding meets, fundraisers, events, etc.
  • Help design team t-shirt and help distribute shirts when they come in
  • Volunteer for team fundraisers to help raise money for our team
  • Delegate work i.e. get other to help out with cleaning up, make posters, etc.



Team Spirit:
  • Cheering on ALL athletes and encourage others on the team
  • Set an example by demonstrating pride in team performance and as an individual as a member of this team
  • Display team spirit by supporting team events/activities – fundraisers, holiday party, etc.


  • Lead team stretches and warm ups
  • Lead team cheer
  • Help keep our area clean…pick up any trash
  • Cleanup after other teams if needed


  • Set a good example by following the workouts with a positive attitude
  • This means after the first couple of weeks getting fitness back, you are not resting on the wall between sets, on the bottom of the pool, etc.
  • Attend all practices, meets and team events, unless you notify the coaches of your absences
  • Talk about upcoming meets, fundraisers, team events with other athletes…get them interested in the event
  • Get to know team athletes of ALL grades
  • Help coaches with what ever they need help with
  • Help keep pool area clean


Individual Leadership Responsibilities As Determined By Coach And Captains May Include:
  • T-Shirt design Lead
  • Parade Float Lead
  • Big & Little Brother/Sister coordinator
  • Social Media Lead





2018 - 2019 TEAM CAPTAINS

Julia Asiello
Xavier Conway 
Caroline Current 
Blake Feilmeier
Anna Heisterberg 
Matt Kiel
Jack Lockett 

2017 - 2018 TEAM CAPTAINS
Luke Bartnicki
Remington Brattin 
Mackenna Buchanan
Riley Collins
Melissa Cox
Riley Croker
Hannah Drilling
Lucille Long
Audrey Ramey
Jami Williams

2016 - 2017 TEAM CAPTAINS
Evan Arsenault
Emma Cole
Andrew Fuller
Gabbie Gauntt
Josh Getty
Kyle Hudon
Sophie Rogers
Gatlin Saylors
Warren Spann
Elizabeth Vitulli

​2015 - 2016 TEAM CAPTAINS
Lindsay Akers
Allison Boda
Peri Charapich
Nick Froemming
Heather Hufnagel
Amit Michaeli
Adam Schmidt
Jennifer Simon
Tyler Yuen

2014 - 2015 TEAM CAPTAINS
Mary Beckwith
Sydney Bittinger
Peri Charapich
David Dingess
Austin George
Zach Getty
Nathan Kagan
Johanna Keeline
Cara Metts
Jake Williams
Olivia Winkler