Illinois Swimming

Welcome to the Illinois Valley Y.M.C.A. Dolphin Swim Team!


Dear Parents and Swimmers,

Some people say swimmers are a different breed of human --- how many people do you know who like to swim back and forth, back and forth, surrounded by water? Only other swimmers, right? We think swimmers and their parents are special people. A little crazy, too! The sport of swimming takes Desire, Dedication, and Determination (the 3 D’s) on the part of the swimmer and the parent. It also takes commitment, persistence, and lots of practice.

Those of you new to the program must be patient. You must remember that improvement is made gradually, sometimes in unnoticeable steps. Encouragement, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude will help make these steps easier. Those of you returning to our program must review these basics from time to time throughout the season.

Winning means different things to different people. To some, it’s bringing home the blue ribbon or the gold metal. To us, it is many things --- learning to do a good flip turn; learning to do a start off the blocks; swimming better and faster when the race is over, no matter where the swimmer finishes in the final standings.

It is our goal that during your time on the ILVY Dolphin Swim Team you will not only learn more about swimming and all that is involved, but you will also learn more about yourself. Swimming is not just a sport; it is a learning experience in life.

Welcome and we’ll see you in the pool!