The Johnson Ranch Barracuda Swim team is a recreational swim team established in 1993. Our team is comprised of swimmers ranging from the ages of 5 to 18 years old. The Barracuda Swim Season starts the first week in April and goes through the first week in August. Practices are Monday through Friday every week with meets on Saturdays through most of the season. We compete in the Comstock Conference of the Nor Cal Swim League in Sacramento. Our conference is comprised of 5 competing teams.


Building Better People Through the Sport of Swimming


The Johnson Ranch Barracudas is a recreation-based competitive swim program committed to instilling a LOVE of swimming in every participant. We believe that by providing the fundamentals of stroke technique, sportsmanship, teamwork, and goal setting, our program teaches essential life skills to our swimmers. We focus on accountability at every level of our organization, from our Board, to our Coaching Staff, to our Parents, and to our Swimmer. A summer with the JRSC Barracudas will leave your family with great memories.



  • Respect: Respect for the sport of swimming, your coaches, your parents, and your team. By respecting others, you are respecting yourself.

  • Sportsmanship: Foster a spirit of healthy competition. Swimmers demonstrate positive action toward others during practice, meets, wins, & losses. Swimmers learn to challenge themselves and through these efforts, inspire their teammates.

  • Physical Fitness: Swimming is a lifestyle that can extend far beyond the pool deck. In the sport of Swimming you learn that consistent repetition of the right physical and mental exercises lends to a lifetime of physical well-being.

  • Individual Success: Success can be defined by each individual swimmer through thoughtful goal setting. Success can be achieved through focused effort, consistent work ethic, and a great attitude.

  • Teamwork: Through individual growth, a single swimmer plays a bigger role in the growth and achievement of their team. The race is in each swimmer’s lane, but each race is integral to the overall success of the Johnson Ranch Barracudas.

  • Safety: The Barracuda pool deck is a safe place to be yourself while being a part of a team. Our job as a program is to provide our swimmers with a fun and positive environment, within which, they can learn the sport.


For Our Swimmers:

  • Every Barracuda will receive proper stroke and racing instruction. Each will have access to a good workout that builds endurance and strength using the correct technique. Each swimmer will have the opportunity to progress over the season.

For Our Parents:

  • Our team, with the support of JRSC, aims to provide a safe and fun environment for your kids to be themselves and flourish over the course of the season. In the spirit of reciprocated accountability, parents are asked to complete volunteer requirements, support your children and coaches, practice strong communication skills, and roll up your sleeves for a fun season.

For the Entire Team:

  • Maintain a GREAT attitude and High-Level Sportsmanship.

  • Maintain respect for the sport of swimming, the Barracuda Swim Team, our fellow swimmers, and ourselves.