We have the privilege of swimming at the SpareTime Johnson Ranch Sports Club facility!

Please remember that we share this club with other adult members who have a right to use the showers/locker room in good condition and in a calm environment.

Conduct yourselves appropriately and treat the club and its members with respect at all times!

  • Limit your shower to 5 minutes! 

  • Absolutely NO misuse of soaps, lotions, etc.

  • NO towel snapping or any other horseplay at all.

  • NO use of cell phones in locker rooms for any reason.

  • Keep the noise level down and conversations appropriate.  Socialize on the pool deck or in the Kid’s Club.

  • Keep your swim bag/gear tidy and do not spread out all over the locker room. 

  • Place ALL used club towels in bins in the locker room or at the front desk.  Do not leave towels on floor or benches.

​Failure to adhere to the above rules may result in a loss of privileges, suspension and/or expulsion from the team.  Please do your part!