Barracudas College Scholarship Award

Johnson Ranch Barracuda swim team is excited to sponsor our College Scholarship Awards.  

A limited number of scholarships, each valued at $500, will be awarded to eligible graduating Seniors at the completion of the season.  These scholarships represent the dedication and loyalty that an active swimmer on the team has demonstrated over the years as a member of the team.


The applicant must be an active swimmer on the team, have graduated from high school this past school year and be preparing to go to college in the fall.  Proof of admission to a post-secondary academic institution will be required.

Selection Committee:

A selection committee will review the applications and will make a final recommendation to the Barracuda Board.   Scholarships will be awarded at the team End of Year Banquet.


Swimmers applying for this scholarship shall provide a written application that includes, but is not limited to, the following information:

  • Merit achievements:  grades, community service, awards and honors
  • Swim Team experience:  years on team, leadership roles, and participation in team events
  • Letters of reference:  one letter of reference required from an individual outside of the Barracuda team

Applications must be emailed to [email protected] no later than midnight of the second Friday of July of the current swim year.