1. Ensure my swimmer(s) arrives to practices on time, as set by the coaching staff
  2. Ensure my swimmer(s) is as well rested, hydrated, and properly nourished as possible at meets and practices.
  3. Declare my swimmer(s) as “In” or “Out” for each meet of the season as required by the coaching staff.
  4. Set an example of good sportsmanship through positive behavior and communication.
  5. Use appropriate procedure to resolve conflicts (See Conflict Resolution Procedure in Handbook).
  6. Agree to the Volunteer Policy as set forth for each season (See Volunteer Policy in Handbook).
  7. Commit to my swimmer’s attendance to at least 2 league meets a season and both days of League (Comstock) Championships.  Excusal from League Championships attendance must receive Board approval (See Handbook for guidelines).
  8. Read and understand the Handbook.
  9. Adhere to Alcohol and Tobacco policies as described in both the Handbook and the Rules of Johnson Ranch Sports Club.



  1. Within a single swim season, I will attend at least 2 (two) league dual meets and will swim at least two events at each of these meets (not to include relays).

  2. I will attend the League Championship Meet. A request to be excused from Time Trials or the Championship meet must be requested in writing to the JRSC Barracuda Swim Team board of directors and is subject to approval.  To help the Coaching Staff prepare the team for Championships it is suggested that a request to be excused from Championships be submitted no later than 2 (two) meets prior to Championships.  Medical requests are exempt.

  3. I will aim to attend at least 3 (three) practices each week.

  4. I will declare (sign In or Out) for each meet on the Team Website by the registration deadline.

  5. I will be present to Check-In by the predetermined time at each meet.

  6. I will wear appropriate swimwear, goggles, and swim cap (long hair) to practices as directed by the coaches. The team uniform (or racing suit) and teamcap should be worn at all swim meets.

  7. I will be on time (as defined by the coaching staff) to all practices and swim meets.

  8. I will show respect for all facilities and other property (including locker rooms) used during practices, competitions, and team activities.

  9. I will refrain from foul language, violence, behavior deemed dishonest, oensive, or illegal.

  10. I will not use, possess, or be associated with any alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, or any illegal substances.

  11. I will always maintain a cooperative and positive attitude during practices and meets.

  12. I will refrain from bullying.  If I witness bullying, I will notify a coach or a parent.

  13. I will respect myself and those around me by doing and being my best.