Swim Outlet Team Store

The Place to go for Your Swim Gear Needs

Swim Outlet Team Store

Equipment for swimmers to bring to practice DAILY


Swim Cap (all girls should wear a cap to keep hair out of face, for boys its optional)

Practice Suit

Water Bottle

Towel (club has towels for swimmers)


Hand Paddles (High School Swimmers Only)

Team Suit 2019

Next Fitting Night - April 1 & 2 JRSC South Barracuda Hallway

Team Suit 2019

If you prefer an alternative, you may use the traditional Navy Blue TYR suit that can be ordered through the Swim Outlet Site above.  



Team Caps 2020

Each new swimmer will automatically receive two swim caps personalized with the swimmer's name as part of their registration. If you are a returning swimmer and did not order caps during the registration process but wish to do so, please visit our order form page for returning swimmers.