Special Guidelines for the 2021 Swim Season
Swim meets will need to be organized a little differently this year to comply with rules from the Calidornia Department of Public Health and the Northern California Swim League.  Please be patient with us as we work to implement these changes and communicate the information that everyone will need to have a successful swim season.  There is a lot of information below.  Please be sure to read it all carefully,  A brief summary and list of things to do is provided at the end, just for clarity.
Our Time Trials are right around the corner, May 15. Time Trials are important for all swimmers to attend.  This provides younger and newer swimmers to the sport the experience how a meet works. It also allows coaches to obtain baseline times and potential areas of improvement for all the swimmers prior to our first meet June 5th.  We will need all families to "declare" if your swimmer will attend.   We will also need parent volunteers.  Not only do younger and new swimmers get a feel for a meet, but this is a great time for a new family to volunteer.   No need to be nervous that you don't know how to do it, we will have people on deck to help and support all new volunteers.    Below is a step by step guide on declaring your swimmer(s) and how to volunteer.  As always if you have any questions please email [email protected]
Swim meet specifics:
  1. Please declare your swimmer for each swim meet as soon as possible in Team Unify.  Currently, only Time Trials is in the system, and we are asking all families that will be attending to declare their attendance as soon as possible.  Remember for time trials that all swimmers swim all events.   
  2. Heat sheets will be sent via email Friday afternoon/evening.  Be sure to check your swimmer's events, heat and lane assignments.
  3. NEW THIS YEAR:  We  WILL NOT be re-seeding the meet on deck the morning of the meet.  We  WILL NOT be doing swimmer check-in each morning.  This will save us about an hour of time in the morning, so the heat and lane assignments you receive Friday night will be what your swimmers will swim on Saturday. This may mean that some heats will run with some empty lanes due to no-shows.
  4. Coach Andy is asking that families arrive at the pool by 7am for Time Trials.  Warm ups will happen at 7:30 by age group, we will have a meeting at the spa at 8:15 that all swimmers and parents should attend, and we hope to start the meet on time at 8:30.
Volunteer Roles 
Swim meets can only happen because parents volunteer their time to make it happen.  This year we will have significantly decreased roles as volunteer jobs have been cut to the bare minimum to run the meet.  Many jobs that have existed in the past will not be needed this year, but we will need everyone to pitch in at some point this season.
  1. Volunteers will be organized into teams and assigned to a job for the entire season.  We expect each team to have plenty of folks on it that families will need to do no more than one shift per meet in order to make the meets happen.  We collected information about what jobs families have experience with, and what they are willing to learn to do. We will reach out to families based on that survey to communicate their team assignments.  If any families would like to take the lead role on any of the teams, please reach out and let us know.  You can email [email protected]
  2. Volunteer shifts will open up on Team Unify as soon as we can get them organized.  The teams that we currently plan on forming are: Set up/Take down, Computer, Colorado, Timers, Deck Officials (including Stroke and Turn Judges and runners), Spirit, and Ribbons.
  3. Please note have a minimum number of shifts that each family is required to complete, but we are asking all families to be willing to step up should our needs grow or change.  It is an enormous task to keep track of how many shifts each family has done, and we are asking that we not have to do that this year.  The board is working very hard to pull together a swim season for our swimmers, please do your part and step up and sign up when asked.  Remember, the best way to see ALL the action in the pool is to be volunteering poolside!
Click this link for more information on how to understand and read a heat sheet.
Pool Deck Procedures:
  1. All people inside the fence at the Johnson Ranch Pool are required to wear masks at all times during swim meets.  This includes parents, volunteers, coaches, officials and swimmers (there are guidelines for when swimmers take off their masks outlined below).  We will have volunteers helping us to politely remind all people on the pool deck to wear their masks properly (fully covering the mouth and nose).  Please be polite to these people and follow their instructions.  They are there to help ensure we can continue to host meets. Please don't jeopardize this by not following masking rules.
  2. Two parents may accompany their swimmer to the pool and watch the race from either end of the pool.  THERE WILL BE NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED ON THE SIDES OF THE POOL, ONLY AT EACH END.  Please stay aligned with the lane where your child is swimming when you are cheering them on.  Remember absolutely no photography or video is allowed behind the blocks at any time.  If you would like to photograph or video your child's race, you will have to do so from the shallow end of the pool.  Do not interfere with the timers during races. You may stand behind timers, not next to or in front of them.
  3. There will be no family tents allowed inside the fenced area.  All family tents will be set up outside the fenced area.  We are working on ways to ensure the audio from the announcer will be more easily heard outside the fence.
  4. There will be no age group tents or ready bench, so parents need to be especially vigilant in paying attention to meet progress and getting their swimmer to the right block/lane at the right time.  Swimmers that miss their heat will not be able to swim in a later heat.
  5. The grassy area on the side of the pool (where we used to set up Barracuda family tents), will be kept open for parents to prep their swimmers for their race.  When swimmers LEAVE this grassy area for their race they may leave with their masks off, and caps and goggles on.  When swimmers are waiting in or entering the grassy area, their masks should be on.  This is also a convenient location to see the scoreboard to keep watch on events and heats to ensure swimmers make it to the blocks on time.  We suggest parents arrive with their swimmers to this area 5 races before their child's race.  Please do not use this area as a place to be a spectator.  It should ONLY be used for swimmer prep immediately before the swimmer's race.
Short Version of all of the above:
1. Sign into Team Unify and declare your swimmers for Time Trials ASAP 
2. Wear masks on the pool deck at all times during swim meets
3. Pay attention and get your swimmer to the pool on time for their race
4. Set up your tent outside the fence
5. When asked, step up and volunteer
6. Have a great swim season with the Barracudas!