Our league Championships Meet (‘Champs’) is a huge, rewarding endeavor requiring parent volunteers from ALL teams in our conference. Each family in attendance at Champs (in late July) is required to volunteer 2-3 shifts over the course of the weekend, depending on needs determined by the league. Champs shifts are IN ADDITION TO the six (6) shift requirement for the regular season.



All swimmers and families are asked to make Championships a priority.  Champs, from a team perspective as well as an individual perspective, is the culmination of a season's worth of hard work and goal setting.  If your family must miss the event, we ask you to adhere to the following protocol as stated in the Parent and Swimmer Commitments you sign up on registration.  

A formal request to be excused from the Championship meet must be sent in writing to the JRSC Barracuda Swim Team board of directors.  Please submit your request directly by filling out this Google Form.   You will need to fill out one for each swimmer in your family.  The request is subject to approval by the board and will be discussed at the Board Meeting.

To help the Coaching Staff prepare the team for Championships please send your request to the board no later than 2 (two) meets prior to ChampionshipsMedical requests are exempt from this time requirement.

Champs FAQs

We Will Continue To Add To This Section as Questions Roll In

We are currently looking for someone to fill the position of Championship Coordinator for our 2020 season.  Reach out to the board if you are interested in this season long role.  

1- Where Is Champs this year?

Champs is being held at the new Elk Grove Aquatics Complex.

2- When Is Champs held?

Champs is July 18 & 19.  (6 and Unders only swim on the first day)

3- How do I sign up?

You DO NOT commit your swimmer to Champs.  The league requires that your child swim in 2 swim meets, not including Time Trials and Invitational Meets.  When that requirement has been fulfilled the board and coaches will commit your child to Champs.

4- What events will my swimmer swim?

Swimmers will be entered into every event available for their age group at Champs, very similar to Time Trials.  The top 12 swimmers for each event will be swimming in the finals which will be held in the later afternoon of each day's events.

5- How are the events scheduled?  

The individual events for the first day of Champs includes IM, Short Freestyle and Backstroke,  The individual events for the second day of Champs includes Long Freestyle, Breaststroke and Butterfly.

6- When will I get more details about the pool?

Closer to Champs, information will be posted on our website.  You will see a map of the pool area and the designated area the Barracudas have been assigned for tent set up.  You will also receive an update explaining tent set up times and locations.  

7- When will I get information about my volunteer shifts?

Closer to Champs.  You will receive communication from our Champs Coordinator or Volunteer Coordinator letting you know that volunteer shfits are available.  Parents of 6 and Unders should jump on and grab their shifts as early as possiblet to ensure you get shifts on Saturday.  


Please Click Here for a link to the Champs Excusal Google Form

You must fill out one form per swimmer.  Your request will be discussed by the board and you will receive an email response from one of our Board Members following a board vote.  Thanks!