Message from Coach Andy

Shariff Osman

Hi Barracudas!

I hope the moms on the Barracudas had a great Mother’s Day.

Another excellent week of practice, team! The Swimmers of the Week:

  • 6/u Lars Vaa
  • 7/8 Isabella Rosenberg
  • 9/10 Elizabeth Wells
  • 11/12 Hudson Wiese
  • 13+ Lauren Stanton

Congratulations to all the winners!

We have Time Trials this Saturday, so everyone needs to declare in Team Unify. Time Trials are kind of a mock swim meet. Our team website has very good information for new swim families:

Johnson Ranch Barracudas - 2021 Swim Meet Guidelines (  Also, Click this link for information on how to understand and read a heat sheet.

We had a great first practice of the Little “Cudas yesterday. Thanks go to coaches Rusty and Rosie, and the volunteer coaches Avery, Sophie, Fiona, Abby, Ella, and Caitly! All did an outstanding job; keep it up coaches!

As we progress into the season, I need to ask parents to help the coaches by talking to your swimmers about running on the pool deck. It has been getting worse that past two weeks and I am concerned someone is going to get hurt. Also, I want to thank parents for respecting my request of keeping back from the pool a bit and not coaching your sons/daughters. Barracuda parents are the best!

Let’s have a great week of practice going into Time Trials! GO BARRACUDAS!!

Coach Andy