Barracuda Coaching Announcement

Brian Patterson

THE BARRACUDAS ARE BACK                                                                          

The Johnson Ranch Sports Club is excited to announce the new Head Coach of the Barracudas, Joan Smith!

Over the last 5 years, Coach Joan has been an integral part of the Barracudas program.  Despite her hiatus on the formal coaching staff last season, Joan has always been engaged with the swimmers and present on deck.  Her passion, technical skillset, and commitment to the development of our swimmers has provided an invaluable contribution to the foundation of the team year after year.  Now, Joan with her vast coaching experience, will be leading our Barracudas Team in what we expect to be one of our most exciting seasons in recent history. 

Joan is already in the process of developing her plan for the 2022 season and has identified two key coaches to join her next season which will bring both consistency and energy to the team:

Coach Rosie, a celebrated force on the team, will be re-joining the coaching staff.  Rosie was recognized in our recent Season Survey for knowing the kids, bringing energy, positivity, technique, and enthusiasm at practices and swim meets and we look forward to her continued determination to make everyone she coaches better throughout the season.

A new, yet familiar face on deck will be Dave Daniels.  Dave is a long time Club member and the father of two of our own former Barracudas.  He is certified with USA Swimming and has been involved in competitive swimming for 40+ years.  He is eager to create a positive, FUN, and rewarding experience for our team and will be focused on developing our older age groups.

Transition & uncertainty can be difficult, but we could not be more excited and confident that we have the right coaching staff and support from the board and parents to make this not only a season to remember, but the beginning of another legacy.

More updates & exciting announcement will be coming soon, but in the meantime, please join us in welcoming our new Head Coach, Joan Smith and her team of coaches.